How to maximize your Business Return on Investment (ROI) with Mobile CRM solution

ROI ( Return on Investment) is normally an essential part for a software purchase. Those within the company who are responsible for the purchase must provide the information to senior executives and finance officers showing how quickly that purchase is going to pay off. A full ROI for a Mobile CRM system should be given more time and effort than other software purchases. A good Mobile CRM solution is supposed to be the backbone of your sales and customer relationship efforts.
Why Mobile CRM system is critical for your Sales process: You will need a CRM application that can streamline your company’s sales process. With the CRM solution, your sales reps should be able to save data into the different stages of sales process  to which they belong, and can be easily retrieved in case it may be needed at any time in the future. In this way the sales force will be strengthened by CRM instead of hindered by it. This way other people will be able to track and analyze sales, and will raise the quality output potential of marketing as well as help executives with more accurate analytics. Relaso Sales-CRM is such a CRM where your sales rep can manage all your leads/ contacts and sales pipeline right from the app.
Allow for Mobile Integration: Your sales people should be able to access everything on their Mobile Device so they can work on the road- say, for example, reviewing all communications, managing contacts, and accounts. The integration should also ideally work with back-office systems, social networks and web conferencing. Cloud-Based On Demand CRM systems are accessible 24/7 from any device and location, require a minimum financial investment, no equipment maintenance, upgrades are automatic and can easily grow with the business.
Optimization of Lead Management: CRM software provides an easy and integrated system that covers all important areas of customer communication. You can observe the business growth when all relevant information is collected and managed in one location. Lead management is the key that allows for prompt follow-up. Relaso Sales-CRM is a Mobile CRM solution that offers Multi-Channel Communication, Check-ins, Estimates, Deals – all in one place. It helps you capture the Lead and qualify it as a potential customer through different qualifying processes. The process-driven data analytics frees up time for your sales associates to focus on selling so that you can accurately forecast and manage, leading to better sales.
Manage your Marketing Campaign: The purpose of a marketing campaign is to reach the right audience and promote the product to them. The better the segmentation of customers, the more successful the campaign will be. Relaso Sales-CRM helps segmentation of customers through multi-tagging. It also enables you to conveniently send Bulk SMS and Email campaigns to selected micro segments from the Web Interface.
Opportunity Pipeline Management: Opportunity Management based on Sales Pipeline is a process that you can use to effectively manage, organize and track your business. Using a dedicated Opportunity and Sales Tacking Software like Relaso Sales-CRM , you can make opportunity pipeline efficiently. All sales opportunities that are arranged along each of the sales steps and create your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents. Once your customer enters your sales pipeline, they become a sales opportunity. Each sales opportunity in your pipeline has its own value. By using the information about the opportunity values and probability of closure for each sales step, you analyze your pipeline. In brief, Opportunity Management gives you guideline how to improve your sales process and improve your WIN rate.
Relaso CRM software  provides you the feature to print Sales Pipeline Report that displays Client name, Pipeline Stages and Dollar amount so that you can do data analytics to enhance your Business. Additionally, Overview report is integrated with the system that gives you an idea about Revenue, Expenses and Outstanding amount during a certain period of time.
Accounting and Reporting Solution: The integrated operational module maximizes the efficiency by giving a holistic business view. They give business owners quick access to the financial information and reporting tools they need to make critical decisions, and gives comprehensive access to accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs to analyze the data on time.
Invoices, Payment, Estimate, Expense – with the accounting module of Relaso Sales-CRM  for small and medium size companies, you have everything under control. Additionally, you can generate 12 different reports like Revenue, Invoice, Expense, Time Spent, Sales Pipeline with this app.
What happens if you run your business with an inadequate CRM application? First, as noted above, your sales momentum will be slower and that is the last thing you need when you are trying to get off the ground as a business. However, the most important part is you are going to want to analyze your sales on the run. You will like to have accurate sales forecasts based on correct data and that won’t be possible from an inadequate CRM application.

Top seven strategic advantages of using Mobile CRM software

 The desktop CRM systems is a very powerful tool. However, once the user is outside a computer environment, he is unable to access the information offered by the CRM.  As because, more and more sales people are away from their offices, it is not a viable option to boot up the laptop while on the run.
On the contrary, It is very crucial for your sales force to be on the top of the game with the rising competition. The sales people must log in every interaction with the customer with the help of the Mobile CRM tool. They will have better degree of flexibility if they are equipped with the tool that, in turn, boosts up sales, increases productivity and company revenue.
The following article focuses  how you can reap the benefit of Mobile CRM for your sales team:

  • Increase the sales: The CRM tool helps businesses to keep track of all useful information associated with any particular customer. Simultaneously, the solution provides a company-wide, cloud-based network that can be accessed by anyone who has permission, from anywhere in the world. Since, they have all of the required information at their fingertips, field people are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall what was the last conversation with their prospect. This enables the them to spend more time having useful conversations and ultimately selling.
  • Customer Satisfaction: As more tasks can be achieved through mobile CRM, and as sales reps are able to provide improved overall customer service, customers’ expectations is expected to go up. Buyers don’t have to further face with long turnaround times, delayed responses to inquiries, or disorganization.
    Customers now know what is possible, and they are beginning to see these new possibilities as a positive step in terms of customer service. That ultimately addresses a major problem for many companies who have difficult time to cope because 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, outdated user interfaces, and multiple applications.
  • Decrease of the Sales Cycle: One of the main advantages of implementing a mobile CRM is the shortening of the sales cycle. As mentioned above, if your sales rep can close sales with fewer interactions then he can dedicate more time in working on new opportunities, therefore increasing their earning potential.
    Nevertheless,  each business is different in terms of its sales cycle and unique requirements, you can customize a mobile CRM in order to get critical information on the spot such as the availability of its inventory, current pricing models and any other information your team may need.
  • Business Intelligence: Is your CRM is just an enhanced version of Data Entry tool? Or it is intelligent enough to send a quotation or invoice very quickly. In fact, you can send them to your client easily during a call with the help of the On-demand, cloud based Mobile App, Relaso Sales- CRM. The nifty app has feature to print 56 different reports like Revenue, Sale Pipeline, Time Spent report etc which helps you better data analysis so that you can make future business decision.
  • Call Screen/ After Call abilities: With this feature of Relaso Sales-CRM, when a prospect or a client calls, you can instantly view total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes with this u.  You will also be able to “Edit Contact Details” or “Take Note” while on call.
  • Location Check-in: A customer meeting gets over ahead of time, leaving with some spare time for your sales rep. Making the best use of the time in hand, he can connect to the Relaso Sales-CRM App in his Smartphone. And in a single tap, the contacts and prospects near him are displayed on the map. Using the app, he can also register the ‘check-in’ at any customer’s site so that you can keep track of the number of visits your sales people make by the end of the day, week or month.
  • Offline -mode: However, working offline is the biggest consideration for 26% of the people because they sometimes travel on airplane or work on wi-fi tablets only. Using this feature of Relaso Mobile CRM app, field people  is going to have advantage to work offline at remote place where there is no internet or wi-fi connectivity.

Why Internet of Things (IOT) is the new frontier for Customer Relationship Management

As the market is approaching towards the new era of Internet of Things (IoT), customer relationship management (CRM) is trending  to a new direction. The advanced CRM solution takes customer service to the next level and provide better customer support.  According to market research firm Gartner,  more than 26 billion devices are going to be connected to the Internet by 2020.  They provide huge opportunities to the companies to manage and monitor their client activities and the collected data is increasing used by the companies for automated customer support.
Since more and more devices are connected to the internet , they will enable new paradigm of services which was previously difficult to imagine. That’s why the customer support scenario has changed dramatically the way organizations market, sell, and provide support for products. Gartner has projected that IoT is going to be the fifth driver of CRM after social media, mobile, big data and cloud. The following section focuses this area.

“CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in coming years. This is one technology area that will definitely get funding as digital business is crucial to remaining competitive,” says Joanne M. Correia, research vice president at Gartner. “Hot areas for CRM investment include mobility, social media and technologies, Web analytics and ecommerce.”

  • Impact of IOT on CRM solution: IOT  technology  embeds sensors in different consumer and industrial equipment like micro oven, fridge, car etc  to make connections with the internet. Sales, marketing and customer service departments are the primary beneficiaries with IOT services because they promote, sell and support these new services, as per Gartner.

    In the IOT era, CRM evolves further as companies change focus from products to service.  This creates more customer-centric organizations that will be better equipped to deal with today’s digitally empowered customers and their rising expectations.   According to market research firm Gartner, there will be more than 26 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020.

  • Better customer support: Those million of embedded sensors transmit useful information remotely to the service provider. Those intelligent data are analyzed at  the provider’s end to understand and automate the technical issues  and future requirement of the customer.IOT enabled CRM application fixes the common problems with the customer service like long waiting period, lack of flexibility and delay in taking measures.  Other benefits accruing to the consumers include immediate access to important maintenance information, faster repairs, and self-directed customer service.
  • Boosts marketing promotion in real time: The advanced CRM solution in association with IOT enables the service provider to figure out location and context for their customers. This further enhances the opportunity to send real time promotions to the customer. The opportunity to send real-time promotions to customers has never been so greater. These promotions can no longer be the generic one, but , based on  customers’ buying history, preferences and current context.
  • Dynamic pricing: Once an organization has been able to conduct on-demand promotions in real time, they can use the live data feedback to determine the pricing at right time. Companies no longer have to depend on price optimization or statistical method.  Now, the price is based on behaviors and events in real time.  In addition, product pricing and services can be made specific to the individual client level.
  • Looking for the future: Although, IOT powered CRM solution is available in the market, but, the system has to be simplified so that all of the devices can work together. Since, more and more IOT enabled devices are coming in the market, the demand for CRM for customer, acquisition and retention will grow further. The latest CRM technology already integrated Big data that is associated with the customers. However, the technology will evolve further by combining it with data from social media, devices and sensors in order to make more personalized customer experiences.
  • CRM with Wearable Technology:  Wearable provides real-time access to employees, prospects, customers, product or services information from any place at any time (online/offline mode). Furthermore, these devices can collect customer information like purchase behavior, location, activity, health indicators and hobbies. This  provides further insights to the companies who can enrich themselves with the customer experience at every point of touch.
    Companies can use the advanced technology to consistently enrich the customer experience at every touch point. Primarily, Wearable impacts sales because CRM systems typically provide companies with the ability to develop a holistic view of customers and generate actionable  sales opportunities for the sales people which, in turn, improves Lead Conversion. However, in order to make the information available, you need third party integration with wearable device that gets the  CRM data and displays it in real time.

How Mobile Business Management drives the new Digital Economy

Customer experience is critical in digital economy.  This is pretty much evident that many users have changed their mindset  the way they interact and communicate with one another. A majority of consumers are now used to communicate through digital channels like email, websites, text messaging, instant messaging and social media. In this digital world, it is crucial for companies to keep an eye on customer experience. 
Mobile CRM resolves unique business challenges of an organization because the solution integrates the  crucial processes and procedures with the users’ day to day activities. With the help of the CRM tool, Sales People can work as per the requirement of the business environment.   In the long run, it improves the effectiveness of the business and provides higher job satisfaction.
In addition, Mobile CRM improves the quality and time management of the customer data, added to the CRM system.  In this way, sales people can add more data with the customer record and as a result of this, data will be complete and accurate across the organization.  For instance, Hosted mobile app, such as Relaso Sales CRM, that is meant to boost employees’ productivity are the core strength for the growth of an organization. The following article elaborates how mobile CRM is driving the economy by enhancing the  return of investment for business.

  • Marketing: Mobile CRM adds a new dimension to Marketing worldwide. Mobile app like Relaso Sales CRM helps your sales rep manage all the leads/ contacts and sales pipeline right from the app. You will be able to know previous communications, upcoming meetings, revenue generated, outstanding payments of the client, even before receiving a call from them. Every call attended by Sales Rep is logged into the CRM. Your Sales People will also be able to take note during/after every call against the contact/lead.
  • Creating Brand and Recognition:  You can create a mobile app the way you want with it; for instance, you can make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative. But the most important part is to create an app that has features, your customers will love, while at the same time is well designed and branded.
    The more you can get customers involved with your app, the more they will be interested to buy your product and/or service. This is called “effective frequency” in advertisement: as a rule of thumb, hearing and/or seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will get you truly noticed.
  • Location Check-in: Your sales reps may be visiting a number of customers and prospects, and want to spend your time wisely. You may not have time to figure out the efficient route ahead of time, but you also don’t want to make unnecessary trips across town. The Location Check-in feature of mobile CRM maps all of your leads, contacts and deals,making it easy to identify for your reps who they should visit and where they should spend your time. You can also generate report by the end of week or month to see the number of visits your sales-rep made.
  • Sales Forecasting: Forecasting is a term that covers a broad area of concepts. Sometimes it can include numerical predictive models, historical analysis or trends. The forecasting module of Relaso Sales CRM integrates the data in the opportunities module in order to generate details like Deals Vs Pipeline Status or Stages, Realized Revenue vs Projected Revenue and Realized profit Vs Projected Profit. This is generated based on the input of a particular fiscal year and quarter.
  • Call Screen/after call abilities: Do you like the ability of Mobile CRM that provides you the ability to view the Call Screen/Recording option so that you can see total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call apart from the ability to record the call and write a note while talking. The above app provides you this unique Call screen feature with the apps. You will also be able to “Edit Contact Details” or “Take Note” while on call.
  • Real time Collaboration: Mobile CRM, like Relaso Sales CRM helps each team member knows what the other team members know, anytime, anywhere. Information isn’t confined at any particular place, it’s available to anyone who needs it, whether they’re in the office or not. If, for instance, a salesperson is out on a business trip, he or she could make sure that the rest of the office had access to the information that he learns from the recent trip, by updating the CRM system remotely. Or, if, all of a sudden, the salesperson receives a call from one of his customers, he could easily access relevant info using his/her mobile device.
  • Customer Satisfaction: CRM is considered as an important tool for delivering revenue growth through improved customer experience, customer retention and customer repurchase. As per Forrester report, “42% of Sales Agents are unable to resolve customer issues efficiently because of disconnected systems,archaic user interfaces and multiple business applications.” Today, more tasks can be achieved through mobile CRM, and sales reps can provide better overall service to their customers by decreasing turnaround time and replying to inquiries in real-time.

7 reasons why desktop CRM is obsolete as Dinosaur

Those days are gone when CRM system is considered heavy and expensive solution where the IT team of an organization is wholly dedicated to maintain and support the software.  At the same time, in most of the cases, it is difficult for small and medium business ( SMB) companies to afford in-house CRM solution because of associated cost.
In fact, today’s CRM systems are more user friendly and technologically advanced and they provide varieties of solution for small and big companies with flexible cost.  They are also easy to maintain and deploy. That’s why our company moved from standalone CRM solution to on-demand Cloud based Mobile application, namely, Relaso Sales-CRM.  The following points highlights why companies, now-a- days, prefer Cloud based solution to desktop CRM.

  • Installation and maintenance: For desktop CRM, you have to pay for hardware, server and software maintenance. The installation process is also very complex. However, cloud based CRM installation is hassle-free. You just need an internet connection to run it. For desktop CRM, you require a permanent IT person to maintain the software.  Cloud CRM also doesn’t require any data migration, software update or complex installation.
  • Platform dependendence: Desktop CRMs are dependent on platform. Vendors design it for the specific need like windows, mac or Linux system. But, cloud based system is independent of platform.  The same software runs on Notebook, Tablet or Handheld devices.  Using cloud based mobile software solution, sales reps can access crucial company data or store important communication details from the on-site meeting with the client. In other word, unlike desktop CRM, cloud based CRM solution improves mobility.
  •  Scalability: The difference between  an SMB CRM system and a larger enterprise offering is quite high. As the business evolves, companies need to upgrade their CRM system or change the vendor.  This comes along with the upgrade of hardware and CRM system. The process to scale the software sometimes creates a mess.
    The cloud system addresses the  scalability issues, however.  An organization can upscale or downscale the software because there is no hardware to maintain. Also, cloud system helps deploy the CRM system in an easier way.
  • Security: This is obvious from my experience that, in terms of desktop CRM, big corporations provide strong security measure such as data encryption, advanced firewalls, and security protocols. Small to medium business, on the other hand, can not afford such a robust security measure. That’s why they are vulnerable to cyber attacks and data theft.
    In order to retain client base, On Demand CRM companies provide innovative security measures. Additionally,  big cloud storage providers employ data security experts that smaller businesses cannot afford to hire.
  • Architecture: Desk top CRM app is single-tenant based application whereas Cloud CRM is multi-tenant based solution. Multi–tenant based architecture means many clients can  run a single instance of the application which is hosted in a server at remote site.  User has to pay a license fee for on-premise model that includes the installation and configuration of software and hardware that it needs to run. On the other hand, with the multi-tenant based application, configuration and update is done by the SaaS (Software as a service) provider.
  • Slow ROI: For small and medium size industries, a faster return of investment is the most sought after criterion for any workable CRM solution . Another pitfall of on-premise CRM is that the deployment times is longer. The typical deployment time for an on-premise CRM is close to forty eight hours and custom code based CRM solution takes longer time to deploy, typically forty five to sixty days.  All of these factors contribute significantly for a poor ROI.
    On the contrary, Cloud based CRM is very cost effective.  All you have to do is to pay a monthly fee. System upgrade and enhancement is taken care by the provider.  However, in the long run, the total cost of ownership may add up.
  • Resources: It is good idea to deploy CRM as early as possible. In this way, customer data is getting loaded in days and weeks rather than waiting for months. The quick implementation procedure also saves project cost. At the same time, it reduces project risk which, in turn, benefits early return-on-investment for the software life-cycle. On the other hand, on-premise CRM requires local installation for hardware and software. Also, in-house resource is needed for the configuration of the application as well as maintenance.  That’s why On-demand CRM solution is suitable  for the organization where IT resource is scarce. Further, for on-premise CRM, extra cost is incurred to the business for incremental service addition.

How to leverage Mobile CRM to manage geographically distributed Sales Team

Mobile CRM has brought novel innovation in 21 st century.  CRM software evolves over the period of time. You can use latest CRM software on your smart phone. This is the major advantage of using CRM on mobile phone. The major benefit of mobile crm is that it can be accessed as well as used from anywhere.  Sales department reaps the major benefit of the software solution because they can use it on the run.
Sales Reps work at different geographical location in our organization. That’s why Sales Territory Management Plan is very important strategy for our company. The strategy helps us define the territory  for sales and also ensure that sales people do not contest among one another for the same client or visit a customer twice. This sort of plan is very effective to save money and time in the long run. Let us see how the plan helps a business like us:

  • Segmentation of the customers across territory: In our company, we categorize the customers according to our organization and put them in different territories accordingly. Each territory should have good potential, reasonable size, and  minimal obstacles. We grouped our clients according to similar product and need.  I used  multi tagging feature of Relaso Sales CRM to segment our customers from different geographical location. Once customers are categorized, we use the mobile app to sort and filter the clients as per location.  The whole procedure enables us designing our territory plan and assign our filed representative accordingly.
  • Assign Location-wise: Each territory is assigned to a salesperson to cover in our organization. This way we can avoid overlapping each other’s territory. We also have to consider the potential of each sales rep during assignment and place them according to their suitability.   Say, for instance, if one rep is able to visit more clients each day, or he has strong relationship with the customers, then he should be assigned in a territory where number of customers are high.
    Here goes an example, in our company we assign sales rep, Mr X , for a geographical location, knowing fully he will be able to handle it. On the other hand, we assign the sales rep, Mr. Y, for a remote territory because he is comfortable in travelling.
  • Evaluate your plan after implementation: Once we implement our plan , we try to find out any loopholes. If we find any issue, we have to figure out how to address them. For instance, using mobile CRM tool, when we see that  any of our rep is travelling , we try to put a plan in place that is time-efficient. In this way, we modify our plan from time to time and evaluate the result afterwards. It is also advisable to try different ideas from time to time and see the result. Initially, your idea may appears to be mismatch. However, you can reap the benefit of the new idea from time to time.
  • Optimization of Territory Assignment:  Optimization of territory is a crucial part of Sales Force Automation Process. Company Sales Managers can use these add-on CRM tools to assign intelligent combination of Leads and Territory to the sales stuff.  According to Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc.,

    “companies that use territory optimization tools will increase revenue by 1% to 3%.”

    The essential features of Territory Mnagement includes Software mapping and visualization tools, workflow and collaborative features. The add-on tool provides the automation process for the distribution of assignments, and integration with CRM applications for lead generation and incentive compensation.

  • Location Tracking : Relaso Sales CRM tracks and records location by using GPS tracking which is integrated with the software.  Our sales team use the mobile app to check-in at the client’s location to record their visits.  As a Manager, I monitor number of monthly and weekly visits of the sales people using the Location Check-in report of the Mobile app.   We also reward the sales rep from time to time for their performance based on the data from the CRM.
  • Better Monitoring: Territory management feature of a mobile CRM solution assists a sales manager like me  to monitor the activities remotely because I already know their area of operation. Problems associated with any particular rep or group can be tracked quickly. It also helps me watch the trend of a particular region and makes strategies accordingly.
    I realized from my experience if an organization keeps better relationships with clients and keep an eye on the field operations, it stays ahead of the competition. There may be some hiccups initially after implementation of the strategy. However, company managers should consider them as a learning curve.

How to use Mobile CRM to optimally manage your on-the-road Sales Team

Are you a manager and your sales reps are on the road most of the time of the day?  Are you looking for  real-time, crucial company data for your reps while they are at client site?  Your prospect may ask the field person about the status of his order, or his support  inquiry, or the specs of your latest company products. If you have the latest up to date information about all of the above, you are going to have an edge over your competitors.  The rep does’t have to get back later to answer all those queries.
As a manager of a company, I realized that owning smartphones or handheld devices like tablets  can do away with the requirement of purchasing expensive devices like desktops and laptop.  In order to build a true mobile force, companies should  provide its workers the right mobile CRM solution that enables  seamless integration of rich data. While today’s mobile CRM solutions work on smartphones or other handheld devices, manager has to be careful about the selection of apps because, sometimes, the integration of apps are device specific.
In this article, I would like to share my own experiences about managing our sales team using Relaso sales CRM On demand mobile app:

  • Improves insight performance:  A sales lead generates huge amount of data. The information contains online tracking data, social profiles, company information, account history, and more. All of this data helps sales rep to personalize the sales process. However, they are not that effective unless you can extract more meaningful information from them. Usually Analytics is a difficult part to conceive for sales professional. Nevertheless, with the increase amount of data, reporting has become a valuable tool. The Relaso Sales CRM mobile app displays 65 intelligent reports  like Sales Pipelie, Invoice, Revenue, Expense report etc that helps me and my team for better decision making. The Mobile CRM app provides my team the ability to access the lead database on the run including the detail information that is already available in our database.  They can also track the most recent activity and real-time notification for customer queries or purchasing.
  • Streamline the sales Process through better Teamwork:  A mobile CRM is a perfect platform that helps your team to collaborate with other team members.  These interactions brings closeness among our team members.  With the help of the app they can ask questions, give advice, request resources, and give updates. These type of communications boost the efficiency inside team. Additionally,  the sales people can ask their team members for advice, information, and expertise on the go. This way our sales team uses collective knowledge of the team members to leverage their competitors in an collaborative atmosphere.
    With a good lead generating software like Relaso sales CRM, companies can build workflow management system for new sales opportunities. Without a good CRM system in place, it would have been difficult for the sales team to manage all the leads. With  the automation of marketing technology, the mobile CRM app  can handle many crucial work for Lead Generation which produces better business result in the end.
  • User Friendly App: In order to increase the productivity, the mobile CRM application has to be seamless across platforms and across devices. Sales professionals may not have enough time  to go through the nitty-gritty  of their CRM all the way on every device. The user experience is supposed to be intuitive and straightforward.

    According to Frank Falcone, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, “an organization must look at how easily the mobile CRM solution integrates into their email and smart phones, and how friendly the product will be for employees.”

    If the mobile solution  is very complicated and  rolled out across the company without proper training,  the app should not be used in the long run because people don’t know how to use it.

  • Close more opportunities in less time: I noticed one thing after using the mobile CRM across our sales team. There are higher chances to close a deal by lowering different steps required between the customer communication and logging the information into CRM system. For instance, my sales rep is at client site for a meeting. It may be inconvenient for him to enter the details into his laptop. On the other hand, he may forget important part of the discussion by the end of the day to log to his system back office. That’s where mobile CRM plays crucial role.
    The same goes with the salesperson who is on the road or in a meeting . When  something changes regarding the sale in progress, quote or lead, he will be able to update them into his mobile CRM on the go.  Similarly, in case, the sales rep meets any prospect, he can add them as contacts, book appointments and plan activities right from the app. The whole process will help them to follow up on a potential customer and they never lose an opportunity.

How to reach strategic goal using mobile CRM

Most of the company managers think how to implement mobile CRM solution across the organization. However, did they actually think what is the ultimate gains of the business. The bottom line is that how to increase the sales of the company. And, this is the scenario where mobile CRM comes into picture. Customers not only want you to come to them. They will be happy to get the information offhand that you provide them. From your part, the whole process enhances the chance to close a deal.
As per Altico Advisors, the strategic objective to implement mobile Solution is as follows:

  • Increase average sale by 20%.
  • Lower cost of sales by 15%.
  • Reduce billing lag time by 30%.
  • Achieve 90% key field completion in customer records.
  • Increase average number of service calls per week by 15%.
  • Deliver 100% real time data to managers.”

    Let me explore this further.
  • Improving the Sales Potential:  We have a mobile sales team in our company. They use on-demand cloud based mobile app, Relaso sales CRM.  When they visit or follow up client, they use it to enter call notes, set up task and meeting,  look into previous notes and check customer history. Thus, they can focus on the future conversation instead of the past one. Reps can use the extra time to understand each customer’s business and propose for new services .
    This way we can help them increase their revenue and at the same time, it increases the dollar amount of our sales. When our field people get complete information about the customer and the products, they can  convert the deal in an intelligent way. The Relaso CRM app increases the user adoption rate in our company because of its simplicity for use.  Since the time of adoption of the CRM solution, our company witnessed the improvement of sales and rich data.
  • Raising Productivity: Our sales reps are on the road for 90% of their time. With the mobile app integrated to their handheld device, they have all the necessary information when they move from one client to another client and perform the required services with each client. The app incorporates a nifty feature, Location Check-in, which saves some valuable time of our sales reps.  They can view customer’s location with a real-time GPS map on their handheld device for the upcoming visit. Additionally, salespeople can record their client visit right from the same feature and I, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week that shows number of client visit of my every salesperson.
    Multiple users also get benefit with the collaboration feature. When my field person visits a client, he may have to make several phone call to the respective departmental manager to discuss strategy.   But if they use the collaboration tools of the mobile CRM, customer data is integrated on collaborative platform and anybody can participate to share knowledge, even at the point of sale if necessary.
    Now, the question of strategic advantages arises.  If you can access to account information, customer information, and analytic tools, with the help of integrated mobile CRM device, you are ahead of extra mile to quicken the sales cycle.
  • Predictive Analysis:  Mobile CRM analytics tool of Relaso App  gathers data about Enterprise customers and analyze them. Then, it presents the data such a way which helps to make quicker and speedier business decision for us. For instance, if I access the Sales Pipeline Report, I am able to see  what are the pipeline stages of different opportunities, the expected date of close and the Deal amount. That gives me the real-time  projection of revenue during the time period in the future. The web end of the tool also displays infographic for Projected VS Actual revenue and Projected VS actual  profit.
    Data Analysis part is a continuous and iterative process for our company so that we can fine tune our decision based on intelligent feedback of previous iteration. The app can generate more than 65 critical Real time reports like Sales Pipeline, Time Spent,  Revenue, Invoice, payment, Expense etc. There is also a crucial report for us, ie Check-In report.  It gives us insight about how many clients a sales rep visits during certain period of time.
  •  Return on Investment:  Does your mobile CRM solution help you lower the minimum cost and maximize the revenue or it is just a show off rather than actual use.  If it’s the latter, you know that you are falling behind your peers who are leading the market, winning more opportunities and generating the profits and cash flow to succeed even more. ROI driven idea rather than budget driven idea assists you for better decision making process . The important steps that companies can follow to invest in technology the right way.
    Your ROI analysis should consider both  growth and cost saving, as well as  the long term business goals of the company. The analysis is supposed to be a part of strategic investment into the business. The core objective is to generate metrics with rich data which is going to be the biggest driver of your success  and that will deliver ROI in the long run.

How Mobile CRM is changing Sales Person's mindset and Improving Business

Mobile CRM is making waves, and according to a study by Software Advice, 82 percent of those who use it claimed it has improved the quality of their CRM data. The world of CRM is tending rapidly because of smartphones, tablets and mobile applications, and others. Studies have shown that CRM initiatives that focus solely on technology are up to three times more likely to fail than those that take broader view and evaluate not just the tool but the processes, systems, and the mindset of the entire organization.

  • What mobile CRM can do for your clients: The most-used mobile CRM applications include sales content management, review/input customer information and sales reporting and analytics, as pointed out by Software Advice. These features are all enhanced by the Relaso Sales CRM  Software that our company is using for quite a while.
    Customers are greatly influenced by this information, as employees who use CRM software leverage the data to change the way they work and make decisions. Mobile CRM boosts this ability by allowing workers to access the information remotely. This means employees can ponder work-related decisions at any time of day. I give you some instances as follows.
  1. Shortens Sales Cycle:
    Since, I am a Marketing Team Manager, I have to face the scenario very often:  My sales team are outside the office and one of the salespersons is following up a prospect for quite some time.The prospect’s company is willing to close the deal, but now they want a quick summary of the various options he has offered them. He is pretty sure he has pitched them additional services and even offered a special discount, but it was a while ago. The sales rep knows that he has this information stored in the database at our office, which is, unfortunately, far away. With the implementation of the Relaso mobile app, he has all the critical information available for him to win sales. No need to return to the office in order to follow up on his customers or even submit orders.  The person simply can take care of the entire process via his mobile device.
  2. Better Collaboration: When it comes to meeting  my customers’ expectations and being one step ahead of the competition, it’s very helpful to share information across our team and coordinate the  activities while contacting leads. My experience says : Through the above CRM app, all the information concerning the client that are derived from different business areas, in particular from the sales force, from the administration, from  the technical area etc. are easily consulted and used by other areas of organization.  In addition to being essential to establish a long term relationship with the customer, all these information allow to speed and streamline business processes due to smart and full communication between different company figures.
  3. Decision making process:  The use of data quality and analytics play an important role at our company as because the sales people try to derive better insight from their data to know their customers. They are able to filter and review charts, graphs on sales pipeline, sales cycle analytics, activity effort etc. Those sales reps also get a holistic view about all of your accounts and presenting the result in report form with this app.  Relaso Sales CRM app helps us significantly to make  business decision because the tool incorporates more than 65 critical Real time reports like Sales Pipeline Reports, Sales Pipeline, Time Spent Report vis-a-vis Revenue etc.
  • How mobile CRM is a game-changer:  When employees have these new interactions with their mobile devices, they gain a unique kind of mindset. This is exactly the goal of Relaso Mobile App – to transform the way employees think and how they approach clientele. The effort has proven to be successful in our company.
    Overwhelmingly, the reason CRM initiatives fail is rarely because the technology fails, but because organizations fail to begin with clear vision of what CRM is. Paul Greenburg, author of CRM at the Speed ofLight: Captur ing and Keeping Customers in Internet Real Time says:

    “CRM is a philosophy and business strategy, supported by system and technology, designed to improve human interactions in business environment”.

    For an association, customer is any individual or organization that you interact with and exchange value with. Thus, CRM systems and processes should include interactions with members, volunteers, fundraising con- tacts, recipients of your services, lobbyists, employees, and so forth..
    Additionally, I feel from my association with Mobile CRM when leaders create and communicate a vision of CRM as key component of an association’s overall strategy, and all stakeholders work together to maximize the value received and given, then CRM can take association management to the next level, providing a number of benefits, including

  1.      Increased business efficiency and reduced costs;
  2.      Easier compliance with industry codes and government regulations;
  3.      Improved insight into our members, as data from disparate system is brought into single repository;
  4.     Better ability to customize each interaction with members; Improved    member satisfaction, which boosts membership retention and recruitment.

How to choose right mobile CRM solution for your organization

Does your sales Reps on the field  need ready real time access of business critical company data while they are at client site? You know the client may ask your sales people the status of his order, or his customer service query, or the specs. All type of businesses seeking competitive advantage realized the importance of mobile devices. However, as a manager, it is quite difficult task to choose right Mobile CRM solutions that suits most of your critical need.
You may consider the following tips that is going to help you in decision making for right mobile solution.

  • DOES IT OFFER THE RIGHT FEATURE SET FOR MOBILE USE: Being a manager,  I was on the lookout  for a mobile CRM that should include a robust set of features for our sales team. The area of emphasis are  automation of tasks, notifications like calendar reminders to the  phone,  digestible reports and location of the contacts, leads on a map. However, it shouldn’t necessarily include everything that the desktop app provides.After doing some research, I came across with Relaso Mobile CRM solution, an on-demand effective mobile CRM app that includes a condensed set of its overall features which includes Unified Communication, Lead management, Sales Forecasting, Deal and Pipeline management,  Task & meeting arrangement, Real time reports, Location Check-in etc. By exposing my reps to a distilled version of the desktop app, I give them something that they’ll actually be inclined to use.
  • DOES IT OFFER REAL-TIME SYNC: Like me, nobody wants to be stuck looking at stale data. That’s why syncing is essential to a proper mobile CRM.  Indeed,  “sync functionality” is one of the crucial features for me to go for Mobile CRM Solution. Otherwise, that puts the burden of syncing on my reps and is hugely counter productive. The real gems are mobile apps that offer “real-time” or five minute interval syncing. Relaso Mobile App incorporates Real Time Synch with the cloud that  helps my sales team to save valuable time to create more opportunities and  close deals.
  • DOES IT PROVIDE REAL-TIME ANALYTICS FOR THE METRICS: For our VP Sales, it all comes down to the numbers. Thus, they see using a mobile CRM as another means of gathering data. As a decision maker, it’s important to choose a proper mobile CRM solution that also provides access to our aggregated data through actionable reports. I’m not talking about opening a web view of an excel spreadsheet and trying to zoom in to read static numbers on a chart. With the help of the above mobile app, I can generate 65 real time reports in 11 different categories  like Overview, Sales Pipeline, Payment, Invoice, Revenue and Expense report. Further, the feature gives me the ability to print and send the report in PDF format via email.
  • DOES IT WORK OFFLINE : There are many occasions like network failures, weak signals, wifi-only devices, trans-Atlantic flights, remote location when our field people can not access mobile device due to lack of network connectivity.  However, with Relaso mobile app, they can work offline and the data will be synced automatically when they come online.
  • Data Loss & Privacy:  With mobile CRM, the top concern for me is the risk of customer data being compromised. It happens often, especially now that the majority of our people are going to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies. BYOD is quickly becoming the norm, but not all organizations that institute BYOD strategies understand the risks they face.
    When I made BYOD  strategy, privacy of customer data, corporate data, and the users’ personal data played crucial role for my consideration of right Mobile App. However, I am pretty much comfortable with Relaso Sales CRM App because they use Secure Linux Servers, Automated Backups and Industry Standard SSL/TLS Technology to ensure Data Protection.
  • Call Screen/ Recording : When my sales reps receive a call from the customer, it is very convenient for them to know previous communication or other latest activities with the client. Using the app, our field people can know the total revenue a client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes from Call screen even before receiving the call.
    The software solution also provides me an optional recording of every phone call our sales team make or receive. Call recording gives them the power to review any call and get instant insight on our sales process, our customers and our team.
  •  Accounting: Before the implementation of the Mobile app,  my team used different accounting software to generate invoice and record payment.   However, I don’t need separate Accounting solution any more because Accounting module is integrated with Relaso Sales CRM.  Now, my team can generate invoice, record payment, direct and indirect expenses right from the app. Also, they  get a clear picture of each accounts by generating Invoice, Payment, Expense report etc.