Why your Business needs Mobile CRM?

Have you ever thought whether you need CRM for your small business? There are many things to be considered when you go for a small business CRM solution. Opening a business is the dream of many people. Starting your own company is a wonderful foundation for growth, but it comes with some stresses. They include restricted resources, price constraints, poor management and a slow take off. However, you can ease the problem by utilizing effective CRM software. Many businesses are using small CRM solution successfully to speed up their projects. It simplifies Marketing and Team Collaboration.

As per the latest data collected by Trackvia, CRM software:

  • Boost a sales agent’s revenue by 41 percent
  • Enhances customer retention by 27 percent
  • Lower the marketing and sales costs by 23 percent

Small Business CRM requires ease of access: Instead of using different software for each team to log into, team members will be able to access anything they need from a centralized location. Online CRM software uses the cloud technology for centralization. This enables the salespersons to access the data at any place, anytime. If you have smartphone or tablet, you can install business CRM software app on your handheld device. Relaso Sales-CRM is such type of mobile-first app that works on cloud technology. Web application works as a supplement to the mobile app. You can track your sales progress remotely hassle-free.
Business Intelligence: Is your CRM is just an enhanced version of Data Entry tool? Or it is intelligent enough to send a quotation or invoice very quickly.  In fact, you can send them to your client easily during a call with the help of Relaso Social CRM. In today’s world, your prospect can communicate with you on phone, Text, chat etc . Your CRM should have Unified Communication feature so that you can contact them instantly through any channel. Relaso Sales-CRM gives you that ability.
Call Screen/Recording and Invoice Generation: Your salespeople may want to know total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call. While on call, he may be interested to send a note or add the caller. The Call Screen feature of Relaso Sales-CRM makes your job much easier.
Location Check-in: As a salesperson, you can do the following with this feature:

  • Have an idea to see the nearest customer based on your location.
  • you can check-in to record your meeting with the client.
  • Get a street view of your of a business from Google Map before you reach there.
  • Your manager can generate a report by the end of the day or month about your number of client visit.
  • Relaso Sales-CRM incorporates this nifty feature with the CRM tool.

Mobile-first app: A good CRM can also be viewed as Mobile-first app ideally. Mobile-first app is a business strategy that assumes that Smartphone, Tablet etc are the primary tools to get your daily work done. It should capture your day to day data and provides you intelligent analytical capability. Relaso Sales-CRM is such type of Mobile-first app.
Accounting: This is an important attribute for CRM system. The integrated operational module maximizes the efficiency by giving a holistic business view. The online CRM assists you in tracking all important accounting transactions with useful reports. Relaso Sales-CRM integrated the Accounting module with the CRM system so that you can generate Invoice, payment, expense and estimate from the app.
Lead Generation: Lead Generation is associated with Lead Capturing, Lead Qualification and conversion of Lead to potential customer. An online sales CRM like Relaso Sales-CRM is built for small teams that helps you capture, track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface. You can also import your existing Contacts & Leads in bulk from your Spreadsheet, Facebook, Linkedin etc. So your team is ready to hit the road.
Sales Pipeline and Deal/Opportunity Management: Your salesteam uses opportunities to determine a potential sale for a specific customer. A newly created opportunity adds this potential sale in the sales pipeline and therefore puts it on purview of the sales manager who is supposed to be responsible for the progress of the opportunities. You can get an idea about the progress of an opportunity through different stages of Sales Pipeline like Qualification, Negotiation etc. A CRM system like Relaso Sales-CRM provides you with all of the above features.
CRM Reports: The main purpose of CRM reports is analytical capability. It gathers information from different channels and gives you 360 degree view about the customer behavior so that you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates 12 different reports like Sales pipeline, Revenue, Payment , Time Spent for client meeting or Phone call etc.
In conclusion, if you run a small business, implement a CRM system to increase its sales and marketing activities. An intuitive CRM system allows your team to collect important data, store this data, and enables you to analyze the data in a way which will be useful to the company.

Why Mobile First app is so crucial for business

“Mobile First” is a design approach that puts focus on designing the layout, navigation and content of a website before designing the desktop versions for larger screens. The reason for this is that mobile devices provides mobile user’s requirements on the most basic level compared to desktop displays where you can concentrate more on the content and how the site is used, rather than just making a design that is incredible. Experts suggest that you might want to do the phone layouts first, then the tablet layouts, then the desktop layouts, in that order.
Why is mobile first becoming a popular strategy? Mobile devices are getting to be primary means by which users are accessing Web sites and the number of people using sites on mobile devices is expected to triple within the next year. The way people get into the web sites on their mobile devices is another reason that mobile first is getting popular day by day. The limited screen of mobile devices motivates designers and developers to focus on the most important pieces of content. Thus, mobile devices provide users with a better overall experience in terms of shopping, playing games, and making purchases.
Luke Wroblewski focused on three areas in his blog why Web Application should be designed for Mobile First:

  • Mobile is Exploding: Although, people can access the web through mobile devices for years, today’s smart phones are driving different kind of networked applications and Web content. If you build mobile first applications that ensures companies have an experience available to this extremely fast growing user base,  considered to be the next big computing platform.
  • Mobile Forces you to Focus: Mobile devices require software developers to concentrate on only the most important data and actions in an application. That is prioritization on your part. So when a team designs mobile first, the end result is an experience focused on the key tasks users want to accomplish by sidetracking the extraneous part of general interfaces that litter today’s desktop-accessed Web sites.
  • Mobile Extends your Capabilities: New mobile application platforms are introducing interesting features that keep many PC-based web applications behind. Building mobile first allows teams to use the full features to create rich context-aware applications rather than limiting themselves to an increasingly dated set of capabilities.

Mobile first Boost up Sales: Sales is directly related to customer satisfaction and experience. It is good idea to work with Marketing to ensure that sales materials are produced in a mobile-friendly manner. In addition, it is better not to adopt sales tools that can’t be accessed via mobile — 36.6% of salespeople said that a solely laptop/desktop setup is unsuitable for field activity. Almost three-quarters (73%) of sales executives report that they achieved ROI by using tablet or mobile solutions. Companies using mobile apps and sales systems reported a 26% increase in win rate
Mobile First approach to Business Intelligence: Since, BI user base is shifting continuously, fewer people will be accessing BI content from their PCs and they will be retrieving the information from their smartphones and tablets. That’s why companies must consider the Mobile First approach not only for their websites, but also for their BI applications. There are several benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence:

  • You can visualize data with current reporting via native or Web-based applications .
  • Using mobile devices, users can access real-time data and get alerts immediately when there is changes in trends and data. You can provide quick response this way.
  • Many mobile BI tools comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) to mobile devices. With smart navigation and customized dashboards, these products play an important role for making critical business decisions on the run.

Relso Sales CRM is an intuitive cloud based mobile app that also runs on offline mode. It is very helpful for the sales rep on the go so that they can store the information in offline mode and synch it with the cloud when internet is available. The app integrates some useful features like Lead and Deal Management, Sales Pipeline and Sales Forecast, Accounting, Task and Meeting Management, Email Integration and Real Time Reports. The data is stored in Secure Linux Servers with Automated Backups and Industry Standard SSL/TLS Technology.
In conclusion, things have changed dramatically in the last few years. Now, building a web product is becoming an increasingly backwards way of thinking. Designing for mobile first not only prepares you for the huge growth potential in this space, it enables you to focus and innovate at the same time.

How to make mobile CRM technology successful and why it fails

Mobile CRM is a key tool for sales reps and other customer-facing employees. Hence, it’s important to get it right. The tool boosts productivity, improve data quality and helps ensure that everybody is in the loop while out of the office. There are many factors to consider when deploying mobile CRM technology, of course.
Why Mobile CRM fails: Mobile CRM applications provides efficiency between departments, improve cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increase customer satisfaction by providing convenient access to customer data throughout the complete CRM processes. This is not an easy task to implement CRM data and processes throughout the enterprise. In fact analysts at Meta Group estimate that up to 75% of Mobile CRM implementations fail. The many reasons could be defining priorities for different departments . Additionally, it is a daunting task to move data across different technical environments such as legacy systems, mobile apps, and public and private cloud architectures. The following points highlight the reason of failure.

  • Many mobile apps are  impractical because the (desktop) application is simply modified to a mobile device. Other mobile apps look very appealing, but not very smart because they fail to take advantage of the mobile devices core strengths. Another common problem is that businesses fail to recognize that mobility shouldn’t be applied only for CRM business processes but instead should focus on the particular mobility-driven use cases that deliver the biggest value to end users.
  • The major contributor for dissatisfaction are the following problems that makes use of mobile CRM unpalatable. • Duplicate records • Improperly assigned records • Field Accuracy.
      • Failure to migrate correct data: When businesses move to a new system, they usually try and take all of their data with them. This often includes long outdated information that is no longer relevant to the prospects or customers. That data sometimes make the system immobile, drain energy from the implementation staff, confuses users, and serves no real purpose.
      • Unable to Recognize the Problem: Sometimes businesses make critical mistake that they don’t understand the limitations of their existing Mobile CRM system or contact manager. They may be using to an outdated system, despite increasing costs and decreasing usefulness. When a mobile CRM system becomes outdated, it needs too many resources to manage. So, this is the time to move on to a better system.

    How to succeed with Mobile CRM: The best way you can succeed in mobile CRM market is to focus on the right CRM software. One of the best strategy is to make it case driven. It is a good idea to identify critical business processes that are accessed by mobile users. An effective mobile CRM strategy can be developed that way. Relaso Software developed a mobile CRM app, Relaso Sales CRM which incorporates all of the essential processes that a Business should have. The following tips may be useful to build a successful mobile CRM strategy.

      • Analysis Phase: One key thing to keep in mind for the analysis phase — and one that should prevail during the integration process — is that the mobile CRM system has to grow and evolve with business and technical changes in the organization. You should not only assess the needs of individual users and management, it is crucial to understand the business needs of the whole organization. Here, it is important to understand the difference between technical needs and the requirement of users. End users should get a clear perspective that the mobile device is to be used in combination with CRM applications and not as a replacement for a PC or laptop.
      • ERP Integration: Most of the crucial customer information like orders, invoices, credit memos, payments, RMAs, product availability, credit availability, shipping timeframes etc. are store in the back-office ERP solution. CRM systems that enables tight integration with ERP applications will provide a richer data experience and support more business processes for mobile CRM customers.
      • Users’ Experience People use computers and mobile devices in a different way. It is just not good enough to produce result by transferring a desktop application to a mobile device. Mobile devices are used to check information at a much higher rate, and in a reduced volume. Data has to be sorted on a more accurate basis so that search and navigation time are also reduced. Users prefer summarized data that focuses on the search terms rather than having huge volume of records produced on a tiny device.
      • Using Collaboration: Social networking Web sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way users access information, and this shift is extending fast to the enterprise. Mobile CRM software should enable enterprise users a way to share and follow relevant people and records in an environment that’s secure and trusted. Mobile access to one’s “feed” is an integral part to keep employees across the organization informed and productive irrespective of where they go.

How to reap the benefit of mobile CRM for small business

According to Gartner, smartphones, tablets and mobile apps are pushing for the change in the area of customer relationship management (CRM) faster than social media: 30 percent of sales organizations issue tablets as main device for their salespeople. Mobile CRM offers numerous benefits for small business. Apart from integrating mobile users into core business, the system improves the timeliness and quality data added into the system. Improving data means more customer records will be added to the system and the data is supposed to be accurate and complete. The major benefits of Mobile CRM are highlighted as follows:
The Gartner study further reveals: 38% of the Marketing people think Data Synchronization is the biggest requirement, 36% of the above group said that Mobile CRM solution should have native apps so that it can provide easy-to-use use, intuitive user experience on smartphone or Tablet. However, working offline is the biggest consideration for 26% of the people because they sometimes travel on airplane or work on wi-fi tablets only.  A CRM software like Relaso Sales-CRM that was rolled out, keeping in mind of the small Business Enterprises satisfies all of the above requirements. This is On-demand, Cloud based CRM solution, specially designed for the Mobile users.
On Line Payment and Invoicing CRM is an important part of sales process for many years. That’s why Relaso Sales-CRM integrated Invoice and Payment management with the Mobile CRM app. You can view Estimate, Invoices, payment and Expenses right from the App. The Web Interface also provides you infograpics like Projected vs Actual Revenue and Profit, Opportunity or Deal vs Sales Pipeline etc for better Data Analysis.
Would you like to make better business decisions, optimize processes and pursue new opportunities? Welcome to the world of Business Intelligence. In today’s world, your prospect can get in touch with you on phone, Text, chat etc . Unified Communication feature enables you to contact them instantly through any channel. Relaso Sales-CRM gives you that ability. It also provides you 12 different reports like Payment, Revenue, Estimate, Sales Pipeline etc for better Business Analysis.
Lead Management is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It further describes the process of capturing and generating interest in a service or product in order to develop a sales pipeline. Once you capture a lead, you can upgrade it to a Contact or Customer through different qualifying processes. Relaso Sales-CRM is an intuitive app that helps you capture a Lead through Phone Call or SMS. You can also generate the Lead from Email and Bulk SMS campaign from the Web interface.
Opportunities or Deal is considered the most important sales records for the Sales department to generate real revenue for the company. It should provide you the functionality to manage your sales processes or Sales Pipeline so that you can give better service to each potential customer and close more sales. Relaso Sales-CRM enables you to track all of the opportunities and view the important details of the deal. The Opportunity modules shows you the sales status, the estimated sales probability in each sales stage and the reason behind the final Sales Status (Win/Lost). You will also be able to do Sales forecast for the upcoming year/quarter.
Imagine a Mobile CRM that provides you the Call Screen/Recording option so that you can see total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call in addition to record the call and write a note while talking. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates this unique  Call screen feature with the apps. You will also be able to “Edit Contact Details” or “Take Note” while on call.
I can bet that your sales people love it if they get an idea about nearest business based on their location while visiting a client. Relaso Sales-CRM added this nifty feature, Location Check-ins with the apps. Your salespeople can also record their client visit right from the same feature and you, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week  that shows number of client visit of your every salesperson.
If you are focused on Sales, Relaso Sales-CRM service is all about providing your salespeople with the information they need to do their job from any smartphone they like to do, and has native apps for each handset. The mobile app is built for salespeople who need to work through complex sales process, and they can do this with minimum complications.

Four Essential Apps for Remote Sales Team

When you started your business, managing your contacts might not be so difficult because you had a few number of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses. However, things changes. Your business is growing and you have more people than before to keep track of. You need a Customer Relationship Management app which will help you tracking everyone. We’ve explored why you’d want CRM.
The time is right to find a great CRM tool for your team. The solution is going to help you for your small business, startup, nonprofit or large enterprise, or one for your role in sales, business development or public relations. One of the 4 tools in this list may suit your needs. Let’s find out.
Relaso Sales-CRM: Relaso Sales-CRM is a Mobile-first app based on Cloud Technology, optimized for managing sales team on the go. The key features include:
Lead Tracking: It helps Lead Generation, Capture of customer inquiry, Filtering and Grading the Lead and Lead Assignment. The solution also assists, converting Lead to actual customer through different qualifying process in addition to tracking multi-channel campaigns.
Opportunity and Pipeline Management: This module integrates Pipeline and opportunity Management very efficiently to improve your chances of winning a Deal. You will be able to forecast your revenue based on the previous performance of the Sales Pipeline.
Call Screen/ Recording: Your sales rep would know from the Call Screen the total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during the call.
Location Check-in: When your sales people visit any client location, they can record their visit with this unique feature right from the app. You can also generate a Check-in report about the number of clients he visited during a period of time.
Comprehensible Reports on Mobile: The CRM solution also enables you to generate 12 different real time reports like Revenue, Sales Pipeline, time spent etc from the app. The report module gives you a holistic view about the customer behaviour to improve your business decision.
The other interesting feature included with this solution is Unified Communication. Call records, SMS/Text msg, Email etc – all of of the communication with your client are stored in one place to give you better context for future use.
The Invoicing with Payment module helps your sales team to do Invoicing and Payment right from the app. Your management can do Sales Forecast from the Real Time Reports of the app as well as from the Opportunity /Deal dashboard of the Web Interface.
Apart from this, other highlighted features include Schedule and Share Meeting, Task Management, Estimates, Expense Tracking and GPS map of Leads , Sales Person, Client on a Live map etc.
SeatGuru.com is a web as well as mobile app that features aircraft seat maps, flight shopping and a color-coded system to identify superior and substandard airline seats. It also shows information about in-flight service and airline specific information regarding Check-in, Baggage, Unaccompanied Minor and Traveling with Infants and Pets.
When you book a flight, many airlines let you choose your seat. However, they do not inform you how far it is from the restroom, the size of the seat, and other factors that will guarantee maximum comfort. This is where seatguru.com comes in the picture. Not only it gives you the layout of airline jets from popular airlines,this tool also gives you comfort values, and other information, to make sure you get the perfect seat, on any aircraft, for the lowest prices.
The site is easy to navigate. On the homepage, you can take a look of the seating charts of popular airlines. You can view seat maps, comparison charts, and even compare seats, to ensure you find the right one. It’s Very easy to navigate, and find exact information you are searching for.
Tripit: You can organize your travel plans from one place with TripIt. It is available both as Web Application and Mobile App. Travelers just forward their purchase confirmation emails to TripIt and TripIt creates master itineraries with travel plans and other critical information automatically. It’s easy for travelers to print or access their trip plans from anywhere with this app. You also can share itineraries and travel calendars with friends in their TripIt network. Key Features includes:

  • Forward hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com to create an instant itinerary (If you use Gmail or Google Apps, it works automatically)
  • Access itineraries anytime, on any device (even offline)
  • Get directions and maps for each destination
  • Sync trip plans with your Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Add or edit plans manually—from the app or on tripit.com
  • Share some (or all) of your trip plans via email or social

DocSend: It is an analytical tool for your online Document that runs on Mobile as well as Desktop. DocSend gives the vendors all the data about all the documents they send online. It also tracks and reports number of views, location, operating system, the duration of each page view, etc. Now, every time you send a document to someone, you will be able to know if he or she didn’t look at it for weeks. So how does the Tool work?
You just upload a PDF file to DocSend, they will provide you a unique link for each person or group you want to share the document with. Copy the shared link with the individual or the group. Once they open the link you will start seeing numbers in your dashboard. Once one of your recipients opens the document, you will get an email alert.
What can be tracked?

  • Duration of each page view
  • Location
  • Operating System of the viewer
  • Device used by the viewer
  • Name of the person or group who viewed the document(You have to ask the viewer to provide this data)

When someone opens the document, you get instant notification. Update the document anytime you want, the viewer always gets the updated version even after sending the link before updating. You are not sure who you are going to share the link with? Don’t worry, DocSend allows us to collect Name, Email and company of a viewer because they need to fill up these details before viewing the document. Further,You can set expiration date and password also. This tool can be integrated with DropBox, Google Drive & Box planned for the future and they only support PDFs currently.

Why Your Organization Requires a Mobile CRM Strategic Objective

Mobile CRM helps your sales reps stay connected with one another and customers on the run. Since there is a growing population of cellphone users, it is convenient to keep in touch with the customers through calls and text messages. If you have mobile CRM with you, your marketing people may not require access to computers to update the latest developments; they can create or update their records through their mobile devices so that they can follow-up quickly. They can also keep themselves updated and collaborate effectively to explore new opportunities and close deals faster with real-time updates.
Businesses need to brace Mobile CRM technologies to enable mobile workers to become more effective and engaged with CRM. So you can figure it out how mobile CRM can make a difference to your business and the way you stay connected to prospects and customers.

  • Building Customer Relationship in Real Time: Mobile CRM like Relaso Sales-CRM assists your sales teams to manage their relationships more effectively in real time. Using customer history, call notes, you can increase the number of customer visits, strengthen relationships and improve satisfaction.
    You don’t have to wait till the end of the day to update your calling records. In real time you can make a phone call, record the conversation and take notes while talking. Even before receiving a call, from the call screen your sales rep can know the total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes.
  • Close Deals within shorter period: You can use to effectively manage, organize and track your business by using the process Opportunity Management based on Sales Pipeline. A dedicated Opportunity and Sales Tacking Software like Relaso Sales-CRM manages the opportunity pipeline efficiently. All sales opportunities that are arranged along each of the sales steps and create your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents.

    Once your customer enters your sales pipeline, they become a sales opportunity. Each sales opportunity in your pipeline has its own value. By using the information about the opportunity values and probability of closure for each sales step, you analyze your pipeline. In brief, Opportunity Management gives you the road-map how to boost your sales process and improve your chances to close the deal successfully.

  • Planning and Production are quicker: When salespeople are on the run and attending several meetings at different customers’ locations, a mobile CRM not only keeps your data organized,  it can also be used as a platform to submit orders as soon after they agreed upon, instead of delaying them until the rep returns to his office. The sooner you get an order; the sooner you can make the final product ready for delivery which in turn translates to shorter delivery times and more satisfied customers.
  • Data Analytics: Today’s CRM data analytics does not merely mean the data points concerning the number of email messages sent to customers and the number of calls and quotes. New CRM analytics tools go beyond the boundaries of customer relationship management to figure out customer purchasing behavior and customer sentiment.
    A Mobile CRM software like Relaso Sales-CRM Captures Customer queries, order details and all call data is recorded for real time search, reporting and business analytics. The app can generate 56 reports in 11 categories like Revenue, Sales Pipeline, Invoice, Payment, Time spent etc. It also incorporates the web based info-graphics concerning Revenue and profit for predictive analysis.
  • Location Check-in : Relaso Sales-CRM also provides nifty feature Location Check-ins with the apps. Using this feature, your salespeople can record their client visit and you, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week that shows number of client visit of your every salesperson. Your sales reps may want to make unnecessary trips across town that wastes valuable time. Base maps all of your leads and contacts makes it easy for you to identify who you should visit and where you should spend your time.
  • Accounting: You can tap true power of Relaso Mobile Sales CRM, if you use the integrated accounting module. It will allow for sophisticated data connections that can save you time, increase productivity and responsiveness, and reduce the chance of errors. It helps your sales team to do invoicing and payment right from the app. You can also select to view Estimate, Invoice, Payment, Direct and indirect Expense right from the drop down menu.
  • Relaso Sales CRM: This app makes life easier for your mobile CRM users because it works seamlessly on their preferred mobile device and gives them essential tools so that they need to do their job better. Your IT department will find it easy to deploy and customize it unlike many other apps that require complex development with increased cost and risk. You can leave the development, ongoing maintenance and support to the company.

Mobile Business Management: The New Frontier

Businesses started to think about mobile apps as a way to reach consumers. The change of behavior meant that it was not enough just to have a website, as many users are bypassing traditional website and accessing the Internet with different kind of of mobile devices. For businesses it is important to reach out to new and existing customers through a mobile app.
.When you integrate your mobile devices with different kind of applications and software, you make the life easier for your workers to collaborate. At the same time, your organization can better communicate with customers, vendors and staff. Thus, your employees can remain productive even when they are away from the office with instant communication and sharing of important information. Hosted Mobile apps, such asRelaso Sales CRM, that is meant to enhance employees’ productivity are the core strength in an organization’s growth.
This article describes some of the ways by which you can use the mobile apps technology to increase the profit margin of your company:

  • Marketing: : Mobile CRM technology adds a new dimension to Marketing worldwide. Mobile app like Relaso Sales CRM helps your sales rep manage all the leads/ contacts and sales pipeline right from the app. You will be able to know previous communications, upcoming meetings, revenue generated, outstanding payments of the client before receiving a call from them. Every call attended by Sales Rep is logged into the CRM. Your Sales People will also be able to take note during/after every call against the contact/lead.
  • Creating Brand and Recognition: : You can create a mobile app the way you want with it; for instance, you can make it stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative. But the most important part is to create an app that has features your customers will love, while at the same time is well designed and branded.The more you can get customers involved with your app, the more they will be interested to buy your product and/or service. This is called “effective frequency” in advertisement: as a rule of thumb, hearing and/or seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will get you truly noticed.
  • Location Check-in: Your sales reps may be visiting a number of customers and prospects, and want to spend your time wisely. You may not have time to figure out the efficient route ahead of time, but you also don’t want to make unnecessary trips across the town. Mobile CRM software provides a feature, Location Check-in. It maps all of your leads, contacts and deals making it easy to identify for your reps who they should visit and where they should spend your time. You can also generate report at the end of week or month to see the number of visits your sales-rep made.
  • Sales Forecasting: Forecasting is a term that covers a broad area of concepts. Sometimes it can include numerical predictive models, historical analysis or trends. The forecasting module in Relaso Sales CRM integrates the data with the opportunities module in order to generate details like Deals Vs Pipeline Status or Stages, Realized Revenue vs Projected Revenue and Realized profit Vs Projected Profit. This is generated based on the input of a particular fiscal year and quarter.
  • Call Screen/after call abilities: Do you like the ability of Mobile CRM that provides you the ability to view the Call Screen/Recording option so that you can see total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call apart from recording the call and write a note while talking. Relaso Sales-CRM provides you this unique Call screen feature with the apps. You will also be able to “Edit Contact Details” or “Take Note” while on call.
  • Real time Collaboration: Mobile CRM, like Relaso Sales CRM helps each team member know what the other team members know, anytime, anywhere. Information isn’t confined at any particular place, it’s available to anyone who needs it, whether they’re in the office or not.If, for instance, a salesperson is out on a business trip, he or she could make sure that the rest of the office had access to the information that he learns from the recent trip, by updating the CRM system remotely. Or, if, all of a sudden, the salesperson receives a call from one of his customers, he could easily access relevant info using his/her mobile device.
  • Customer Satisfaction: CRM is considered as an important tool for delivering revenue growth through improved customer experience, customer retention and customer repurchase. As per Forrester report, 42% of Sales Agents are unable to resolve customer issues efficiently because of disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces and multiple business applications. Today, more tasks can be achieved through mobile CRM, and sales reps can provide better overall service to their customers by decreasing turnaround time and replying to inquiries in real-time.

How Mobile CRM has Changed the face of Marketing

CRM allows businesses to keep customer data organized so that it can be accessed in an efficient manner to serve the client in a better way. But as technology is getting more and more mobile, businesses realized that perhaps the best way to maintain a good relationship with customers is by making CRM accessible while on the go. In other word, Mobile is changing the face of the business.
Further, consumers generally carry the cellphones everywhere for the vast majority of each day. This is very different from their relationships with PCs. By customizing a CRM program to a consumer’s mobile availability, brands find far more and far richer moments of opportunity to deliver their messages. Using Mobile CRM, brands can also use the consumers’ ability to take action at virtually any time and from virtually anywhere.
Enhance Sales Opportunity: With the use of Mobile CRM, Customers see the improved service and reduced turnaround times. As a result of this, employee productivity and engagement improve, and information becomes more accurate and practical. In the end, sales reps will see a definite increase in sales opportunities. Given the fact that mobile app experiences is getting richer, more engaging, and more entertaining compared to web apps, brands can deliver more effective messages in these environments.
Relaso Sales CRM is a mobile based on demand solution that integrates the following features to enhance the sales process.

  • Know prior communications, upcoming meetings, revenue generated, outstanding payments of the client, even before receiving a call from them.
  • Every call made/attended by the sales rep is logged into the CRM.
  • Add note during/after every call against the contact/lead.
  • Check-in at client location from the app to record the number of visits.

Better Customer Expectation: Since, more tasks can be achieved through mobile CRM, and better customer service is provided by sales rep, customers’ expectations begin to rise. Buyers will be satisfied because long turnaround times, delayed responses to inquiries, or disorganization will become things of the past. Customers now know what is possible, and they started to see these new possibilities as the norm when it comes to customer service. As per the recent study, “42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications.”
Improves Business Analysis: Businesses are gathering data with the addition of new contact, every sale, and with every minute during the day. The idea is that they will be able to organize the raw data into a meaningful and actionable results. Since, there is huge information available on a daily basis, it can be difficult to filter it all down into something actionable. Mobile CRM helps everyone in the sales process access the information as needed and updated in real time as it is collected. Additionally, CRM can organize and present the data in a comprehensible way, so that businesses can interpret easily.
Sales Funnel Management: A sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps required to sell your product or service. The sales funnel gives you a complete overview of where in the sales process your money is.
A sales funnel shows how many prospects you have in each stage of your sales cycle, and also details the conversion rates for each stage. This further tells you whether you have enough deals in your funnel to meet your goals, and whether you need to pay special attention to certain deals.
The first step for effective sales funnel management is to measure the sales funnel metrics of your business. Measuring all these metrics is not easy. Collecting the data on a regular basis takes hard work and Relaso Sales CRM helps you do it effectively. Your sales team can manage their sales funnel from the app while on the go.
More device Options with Mobile CRM: Companies have adopted gradually Buy Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment. As per the recent research, the new environment has generated $350 per year per BYOD employee in terms of increased revenue. Mobile CRM is cloud-based, and is designed to work with multiple platforms. That’s why the reps in the field are going to be more conversant of using familiar operating system. As a result of this, they will be able to generate more leads and close sale. In other word, they’ll be able to better focus their attention on the task in hand.

How mobile CRM can increase your business productivity

We live in a global marketplace. It has become more like a necessity rather than than luxury to conduct business while mobile and from anywhere. By utilizing a few key mobile applications, you can enhance the business productivity inside and outside the office. Gradually, companies started to give more attention on mobile CRM.
According to the study by Yankee Group, the goal of nearly half of companies planning to implement mobile CRM is to increase the number of client touches, while 40% hope to improve communication and coordination among employees, and 25% want to improve innovation. The survey found that 56% of mobile CRM users are executives, 40% are salespeople, and 23% are field technicians. The following points highlights this.
Must Have Mobile Technology: Modern sales team needs a mobile solution that enhances the requirement to offer the most profitable deals and customers in the pipeline. They demand mobile CRM systems that helps them work together with other sales reps; share information inside and outside of the company; and increase their knowledge to effectively develop the responses to customer requests at any time, any place, and in a way that surprises the customer. Relaso Sales CRM team identifies the requirement i.e. speed, ease of operation, consolidated information, and the essential feature like reports.
Integrate Back Office operation: Traditional mobile CRM applications are good for contacts and account information, but, most of the time, the app is unable to access quotes, sales orders, outstanding invoices or product delay information. The only way to achieve this is to integrate back-office systems like ERP and supply chain software into the mobile CRM system. With those integration, you can easily respond to customer questions like “how many orders you can deliver by Thursday?” You can take a look of customer’s purchase history  and resolve customer service issues.
In-house Collaboration: Remote employees like field service technicians and sales professionals, can now be more efficient because mobile CRM essentially provides them the ability to perform core CRM functions, such as accessing, documenting and interacting with customer data directly on a mobile device. This convenience provides employees the easy way to stick to processes that ultimately improve sales productivity as a whole. Additionally, mobile CRMs can help sales reps meet their sales target because they can access, update and interact with sales data wherever they are.
Mobile CRM boosts micro-productivity: At least 70 percent of the American population own or have access to smartphones, which makes this technology a common access point for businesses. The ability to quickly access enterprise CRM through mobile phones enables the feature of microproductivity. Small tasks can be achieved in between more complicated tasks, such as answering a brief customer query through CRM communications or quickly reviewing a buyer profile stored in the database.
These small time saving tricks add up to a big reduction in the amount of time spent for the completion of daily tasks. Further, Small and medium-size organizations, looking to increase productivity will invest in mobile solutions that provides seamless interaction between customers, staff and technology.
Customer Satisfaction: The ultimate goal of CRM software is to improve relationships between businesses and their customers. However, mobile CRM apps provide some unique benefit to business houses. It allows them to access customer information anytime. Since, sales and customer service reps can access the information, they are able to respond to customers more efficiently.
Many mobile CRM apps provide filter that sort customer questions according to urgency and not just by subject. This allows the reps to respond to customers in appropriate time period and it also helps eliminating revenue loss from lengthy response times to urgent questions. In addition, mobile CRM apps integrates tools that route customer questions to the appropriate departments rather then everything going to one customer service email address.
Geo-location: The unique feature of mobile CRM app is the ability to locate your customers in and around your current location. With the help of the Location Services in your Smartphones, the app detects your customer’s location within a specified radius from your current spot. You will be able to view all of your customers’ address on a beautiful map. Your sales team can check-in at the client’s location to record their visits so that you, as a manager, can review it by the end of the day. Relaso Sales CRM mobile app incorporates all of the location check-in features that was mentioned above.
Accounting Feature of Mobile CRM:  Integrating your accounting software, such as Relaso Sales CRM, with your CRM solution can further maximize your small business efficiency. It transforms your CRM business into Accounting CRM. This further ensures that you don’t need a separate accounting software to manage Invoices and Payments etc. The CRM app assists you in tracking all important accounting transactions with useful reports. You will be able to generate Invoice, payment, expense and estimate right from the app.

How you can boost up the performance of your mobile sales representative

Managing Mobile (on-the-road) Sales Team is a difficult problem. Typically business try to address it by end-of-the-day status meetings with the manager and has very poor real-time visibility of issues and challenges. Undoubtedly, there is unbearable, continuous pressure for  most of the sales organizations these days, as the sagging economy and lower margins make it harder and harder to fulfill quota and drive revenue.
Sales managers have unique responsibility to influence and empower sales reps to greater levels of success, but sales managers are sometimes so busy and distracted that they can not perform their own professional development because they are caught up trying to survive the latest emergency procedure. The three key areas to dramatically increase the positive impact the sales manager can make on the whole sales team are: Alignment, Motivation, and Performance. As my personal interaction with different Sales Managers, I realized that a successful Sale Manager need a set of skills and characteristics in common that are defined  below.

  • The key question to ask yourself as a Manager  is: Can your business afford to lose enormous amount of leads due to slow response time? If not, what are you doing about it now? Lead Management is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It further describes the process of capturing and generating interest in a service or product in order to develop a sales pipeline. Once you capture a lead, you can upgrade it to a Contact or Customer through different qualifying processes. Relaso Sales CRM is an intuitive app that helps you capture a Lead through Phone Call or SMS. You can also generate the Lead from Email and Bulk SMS campaign from the Web interface.
  • How do you like this idea? When a prospect or a client calls, you can instantly view their classification tags, communications, quotation, revenue directly from the call screen. Write a note and send them quotation, setup a meeting – all while you are on the call. I can bet from my experience that Mobile Sales Rep loves it. Relaso Sales CRM provides you these unique features. The app even works with zero network connectivity.
  • Opportunity Management based on Sales Pipeline is a process that you can use to effectively manage, organize and track your business. Using a dedicated Opportunity and Sales Tacking Software like Relaso Sales-CRM , you can make opportunity pipeline efficiently. All sales opportunities that are arranged along each of the sales steps and create your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents. Once your customer enters your sales pipeline, they become a sales opportunity. Each sales opportunity in your pipeline has its own value. By using the information about the opportunity values and probability of closure for each sales step, you analyze your pipeline. In brief, Opportunity Management gives you guideline how to improve your sales process and improve your WIN rate.
  • Relaso CRM software provides you the feature to print Sales Pipeline Report that displays Client name, Pipeline Stages and Dollar amount so that you can do data analytics to enhance your Business. Additionally, Overview report is integrated with the system that gives you an idea about Revenue, Expenses and Outstanding amount during a certain period of time. Don’t you like to get a holistic view about all of your accounts and presenting the result in report form. That gives you and your team the ability to make business decision in future or Data Analysis. The app incorporates more than 65 critical Real time reports like Sales Pipeline Reports, Time Spent Report vis-a-vis Revenue etc.
  • Unified Communications (UC) helps companies save time, money and IT resources, by making their communication more efficient. All the communication i.e call records, call recordings, notes and emails between your company and the customer are stored in one place. This helps you to give context to all the communications. The Sales CRM app provides you this ability.
  • On Line Payment and Invoicing CRM are an important part of sales process for many years. That’s why Relaso Sales-CRM integrated Invoice and Payment management with the Mobile CRM app. You can view Estimate, Invoices, payment and Expenses right from the App. The Web Interface also provides you infograpics like Projected vs Actual Revenue and Profit, Opportunity or Deal vs Sales Pipeline etc for better Data Analysis.
  • I can bet that your sales people love it if they get an idea about nearest business based on their location while visiting a client. Relaso Sales-CRM added this nifty feature,Location Check-ins with the apps. Your salespeople can record their client visit right from the same feature and you, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week  that shows number of client visit of your every salesperson.
  • The purpose of a marketing campaign is to reach the right audience and promote the product to them. The better the segmentation of customers, the more successful the campaign will be. Relaso Sales-CRM helps segmentation of customers through multi-tagging. It also enables you to conveniently send Bulk SMS and Email campaigns to selected micro segments from the Web Interface.
  • The key performance indicator for a sales manager is the tone and the topics of your communications with your sales team. Nothing is more important to sales people than knowing what is expected of them and when it is expected. Good sales managers keep their communication very transparent and their expectations well defined, so that team members know what to go for, and understand what will happen if they can achieve it (or not).
  • Most sales managers  communicate regularly with team members about pipeline and forecasting. However, very few of them  understand the difference between the two. Forecasting is primarily associated with  late stage deals. It does not signify for future quarters. Pipeline is focused on the future development of sales, which is the indicator of later forecasts. Most managers don’t understand the difference between the two. When you, as a sales manager,  discuss about the performance that helps your sales team better understand  the respective impact on pipeline or forecasting.