How you can boost up the performance of your mobile sales representative

Managing Mobile (on-the-road) Sales Team is a difficult problem. Typically business try to address it by end-of-the-day status meetings with the manager and has very poor real-time visibility of issues and challenges. Undoubtedly, there is unbearable, continuous pressure for  most of the sales organizations these days, as the sagging economy and lower margins make it harder and harder to fulfill quota and drive revenue.
Sales managers have unique responsibility to influence and empower sales reps to greater levels of success, but sales managers are sometimes so busy and distracted that they can not perform their own professional development because they are caught up trying to survive the latest emergency procedure. The three key areas to dramatically increase the positive impact the sales manager can make on the whole sales team are: Alignment, Motivation, and Performance. As my personal interaction with different Sales Managers, I realized that a successful Sale Manager need a set of skills and characteristics in common that are defined  below.

  • The key question to ask yourself as a Manager  is: Can your business afford to lose enormous amount of leads due to slow response time? If not, what are you doing about it now? Lead Management is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It further describes the process of capturing and generating interest in a service or product in order to develop a sales pipeline. Once you capture a lead, you can upgrade it to a Contact or Customer through different qualifying processes. Relaso Sales CRM is an intuitive app that helps you capture a Lead through Phone Call or SMS. You can also generate the Lead from Email and Bulk SMS campaign from the Web interface.
  • How do you like this idea? When a prospect or a client calls, you can instantly view their classification tags, communications, quotation, revenue directly from the call screen. Write a note and send them quotation, setup a meeting – all while you are on the call. I can bet from my experience that Mobile Sales Rep loves it. Relaso Sales CRM provides you these unique features. The app even works with zero network connectivity.
  • Opportunity Management based on Sales Pipeline is a process that you can use to effectively manage, organize and track your business. Using a dedicated Opportunity and Sales Tacking Software like Relaso Sales-CRM , you can make opportunity pipeline efficiently. All sales opportunities that are arranged along each of the sales steps and create your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents. Once your customer enters your sales pipeline, they become a sales opportunity. Each sales opportunity in your pipeline has its own value. By using the information about the opportunity values and probability of closure for each sales step, you analyze your pipeline. In brief, Opportunity Management gives you guideline how to improve your sales process and improve your WIN rate.
  • Relaso CRM software provides you the feature to print Sales Pipeline Report that displays Client name, Pipeline Stages and Dollar amount so that you can do data analytics to enhance your Business. Additionally, Overview report is integrated with the system that gives you an idea about Revenue, Expenses and Outstanding amount during a certain period of time. Don’t you like to get a holistic view about all of your accounts and presenting the result in report form. That gives you and your team the ability to make business decision in future or Data Analysis. The app incorporates more than 65 critical Real time reports like Sales Pipeline Reports, Time Spent Report vis-a-vis Revenue etc.
  • Unified Communications (UC) helps companies save time, money and IT resources, by making their communication more efficient. All the communication i.e call records, call recordings, notes and emails between your company and the customer are stored in one place. This helps you to give context to all the communications. The Sales CRM app provides you this ability.
  • On Line Payment and Invoicing CRM are an important part of sales process for many years. That’s why Relaso Sales-CRM integrated Invoice and Payment management with the Mobile CRM app. You can view Estimate, Invoices, payment and Expenses right from the App. The Web Interface also provides you infograpics like Projected vs Actual Revenue and Profit, Opportunity or Deal vs Sales Pipeline etc for better Data Analysis.
  • I can bet that your sales people love it if they get an idea about nearest business based on their location while visiting a client. Relaso Sales-CRM added this nifty feature,Location Check-ins with the apps. Your salespeople can record their client visit right from the same feature and you, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week  that shows number of client visit of your every salesperson.
  • The purpose of a marketing campaign is to reach the right audience and promote the product to them. The better the segmentation of customers, the more successful the campaign will be. Relaso Sales-CRM helps segmentation of customers through multi-tagging. It also enables you to conveniently send Bulk SMS and Email campaigns to selected micro segments from the Web Interface.
  • The key performance indicator for a sales manager is the tone and the topics of your communications with your sales team. Nothing is more important to sales people than knowing what is expected of them and when it is expected. Good sales managers keep their communication very transparent and their expectations well defined, so that team members know what to go for, and understand what will happen if they can achieve it (or not).
  • Most sales managers  communicate regularly with team members about pipeline and forecasting. However, very few of them  understand the difference between the two. Forecasting is primarily associated with  late stage deals. It does not signify for future quarters. Pipeline is focused on the future development of sales, which is the indicator of later forecasts. Most managers don’t understand the difference between the two. When you, as a sales manager,  discuss about the performance that helps your sales team better understand  the respective impact on pipeline or forecasting.
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