Why your Business needs Mobile CRM?

Have you ever thought whether you need CRM for your small business? There are many things to be considered when you go for a small business CRM solution. Opening a business is the dream of many people. Starting your own company is a wonderful foundation for growth, but it comes with some stresses. They include restricted resources, price constraints, poor management and a slow take off. However, you can ease the problem by utilizing effective CRM software. Many businesses are using small CRM solution successfully to speed up their projects. It simplifies Marketing and Team Collaboration.

As per the latest data collected by Trackvia, CRM software:

  • Boost a sales agent’s revenue by 41 percent
  • Enhances customer retention by 27 percent
  • Lower the marketing and sales costs by 23 percent

Small Business CRM requires ease of access: Instead of using different software for each team to log into, team members will be able to access anything they need from a centralized location. Online CRM software uses the cloud technology for centralization. This enables the salespersons to access the data at any place, anytime. If you have smartphone or tablet, you can install business CRM software app on your handheld device. Relaso Sales-CRM is such type of mobile-first app that works on cloud technology. Web application works as a supplement to the mobile app. You can track your sales progress remotely hassle-free.
Business Intelligence: Is your CRM is just an enhanced version of Data Entry tool? Or it is intelligent enough to send a quotation or invoice very quickly.  In fact, you can send them to your client easily during a call with the help of Relaso Social CRM. In today’s world, your prospect can communicate with you on phone, Text, chat etc . Your CRM should have Unified Communication feature so that you can contact them instantly through any channel. Relaso Sales-CRM gives you that ability.
Call Screen/Recording and Invoice Generation: Your salespeople may want to know total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call. While on call, he may be interested to send a note or add the caller. The Call Screen feature of Relaso Sales-CRM makes your job much easier.
Location Check-in: As a salesperson, you can do the following with this feature:

  • Have an idea to see the nearest customer based on your location.
  • you can check-in to record your meeting with the client.
  • Get a street view of your of a business from Google Map before you reach there.
  • Your manager can generate a report by the end of the day or month about your number of client visit.
  • Relaso Sales-CRM incorporates this nifty feature with the CRM tool.

Mobile-first app: A good CRM can also be viewed as Mobile-first app ideally. Mobile-first app is a business strategy that assumes that Smartphone, Tablet etc are the primary tools to get your daily work done. It should capture your day to day data and provides you intelligent analytical capability. Relaso Sales-CRM is such type of Mobile-first app.
Accounting: This is an important attribute for CRM system. The integrated operational module maximizes the efficiency by giving a holistic business view. The online CRM assists you in tracking all important accounting transactions with useful reports. Relaso Sales-CRM integrated the Accounting module with the CRM system so that you can generate Invoice, payment, expense and estimate from the app.
Lead Generation: Lead Generation is associated with Lead Capturing, Lead Qualification and conversion of Lead to potential customer. An online sales CRM like Relaso Sales-CRM is built for small teams that helps you capture, track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface. You can also import your existing Contacts & Leads in bulk from your Spreadsheet, Facebook, Linkedin etc. So your team is ready to hit the road.
Sales Pipeline and Deal/Opportunity Management: Your salesteam uses opportunities to determine a potential sale for a specific customer. A newly created opportunity adds this potential sale in the sales pipeline and therefore puts it on purview of the sales manager who is supposed to be responsible for the progress of the opportunities. You can get an idea about the progress of an opportunity through different stages of Sales Pipeline like Qualification, Negotiation etc. A CRM system like Relaso Sales-CRM provides you with all of the above features.
CRM Reports: The main purpose of CRM reports is analytical capability. It gathers information from different channels and gives you 360 degree view about the customer behavior so that you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates 12 different reports like Sales pipeline, Revenue, Payment , Time Spent for client meeting or Phone call etc.
In conclusion, if you run a small business, implement a CRM system to increase its sales and marketing activities. An intuitive CRM system allows your team to collect important data, store this data, and enables you to analyze the data in a way which will be useful to the company.

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