Why Your Organization Requires a Mobile CRM Strategic Objective

Mobile CRM helps your sales reps stay connected with one another and customers on the run. Since there is a growing population of cellphone users, it is convenient to keep in touch with the customers through calls and text messages. If you have mobile CRM with you, your marketing people may not require access to computers to update the latest developments; they can create or update their records through their mobile devices so that they can follow-up quickly. They can also keep themselves updated and collaborate effectively to explore new opportunities and close deals faster with real-time updates.
Businesses need to brace Mobile CRM technologies to enable mobile workers to become more effective and engaged with CRM. So you can figure it out how mobile CRM can make a difference to your business and the way you stay connected to prospects and customers.

  • Building Customer Relationship in Real Time: Mobile CRM like Relaso Sales-CRM assists your sales teams to manage their relationships more effectively in real time. Using customer history, call notes, you can increase the number of customer visits, strengthen relationships and improve satisfaction.
    You don’t have to wait till the end of the day to update your calling records. In real time you can make a phone call, record the conversation and take notes while talking. Even before receiving a call, from the call screen your sales rep can know the total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes.
  • Close Deals within shorter period: You can use to effectively manage, organize and track your business by using the process Opportunity Management based on Sales Pipeline. A dedicated Opportunity and Sales Tacking Software like Relaso Sales-CRM manages the opportunity pipeline efficiently. All sales opportunities that are arranged along each of the sales steps and create your sales process is what the sales pipeline represents.

    Once your customer enters your sales pipeline, they become a sales opportunity. Each sales opportunity in your pipeline has its own value. By using the information about the opportunity values and probability of closure for each sales step, you analyze your pipeline. In brief, Opportunity Management gives you the road-map how to boost your sales process and improve your chances to close the deal successfully.

  • Planning and Production are quicker: When salespeople are on the run and attending several meetings at different customers’ locations, a mobile CRM not only keeps your data organized,  it can also be used as a platform to submit orders as soon after they agreed upon, instead of delaying them until the rep returns to his office. The sooner you get an order; the sooner you can make the final product ready for delivery which in turn translates to shorter delivery times and more satisfied customers.
  • Data Analytics: Today’s CRM data analytics does not merely mean the data points concerning the number of email messages sent to customers and the number of calls and quotes. New CRM analytics tools go beyond the boundaries of customer relationship management to figure out customer purchasing behavior and customer sentiment.
    A Mobile CRM software like Relaso Sales-CRM Captures Customer queries, order details and all call data is recorded for real time search, reporting and business analytics. The app can generate 56 reports in 11 categories like Revenue, Sales Pipeline, Invoice, Payment, Time spent etc. It also incorporates the web based info-graphics concerning Revenue and profit for predictive analysis.
  • Location Check-in : Relaso Sales-CRM also provides nifty feature Location Check-ins with the apps. Using this feature, your salespeople can record their client visit and you, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week that shows number of client visit of your every salesperson. Your sales reps may want to make unnecessary trips across town that wastes valuable time. Base maps all of your leads and contacts makes it easy for you to identify who you should visit and where you should spend your time.
  • Accounting: You can tap true power of Relaso Mobile Sales CRM, if you use the integrated accounting module. It will allow for sophisticated data connections that can save you time, increase productivity and responsiveness, and reduce the chance of errors. It helps your sales team to do invoicing and payment right from the app. You can also select to view Estimate, Invoice, Payment, Direct and indirect Expense right from the drop down menu.
  • Relaso Sales CRM: This app makes life easier for your mobile CRM users because it works seamlessly on their preferred mobile device and gives them essential tools so that they need to do their job better. Your IT department will find it easy to deploy and customize it unlike many other apps that require complex development with increased cost and risk. You can leave the development, ongoing maintenance and support to the company.
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