How to reap the benefit of mobile CRM for small business

According to Gartner, smartphones, tablets and mobile apps are pushing for the change in the area of customer relationship management (CRM) faster than social media: 30 percent of sales organizations issue tablets as main device for their salespeople. Mobile CRM offers numerous benefits for small business. Apart from integrating mobile users into core business, the system improves the timeliness and quality data added into the system. Improving data means more customer records will be added to the system and the data is supposed to be accurate and complete. The major benefits of Mobile CRM are highlighted as follows:
The Gartner study further reveals: 38% of the Marketing people think Data Synchronization is the biggest requirement, 36% of the above group said that Mobile CRM solution should have native apps so that it can provide easy-to-use use, intuitive user experience on smartphone or Tablet. However, working offline is the biggest consideration for 26% of the people because they sometimes travel on airplane or work on wi-fi tablets only.  A CRM software like Relaso Sales-CRM that was rolled out, keeping in mind of the small Business Enterprises satisfies all of the above requirements. This is On-demand, Cloud based CRM solution, specially designed for the Mobile users.
On Line Payment and Invoicing CRM is an important part of sales process for many years. That’s why Relaso Sales-CRM integrated Invoice and Payment management with the Mobile CRM app. You can view Estimate, Invoices, payment and Expenses right from the App. The Web Interface also provides you infograpics like Projected vs Actual Revenue and Profit, Opportunity or Deal vs Sales Pipeline etc for better Data Analysis.
Would you like to make better business decisions, optimize processes and pursue new opportunities? Welcome to the world of Business Intelligence. In today’s world, your prospect can get in touch with you on phone, Text, chat etc . Unified Communication feature enables you to contact them instantly through any channel. Relaso Sales-CRM gives you that ability. It also provides you 12 different reports like Payment, Revenue, Estimate, Sales Pipeline etc for better Business Analysis.
Lead Management is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. It further describes the process of capturing and generating interest in a service or product in order to develop a sales pipeline. Once you capture a lead, you can upgrade it to a Contact or Customer through different qualifying processes. Relaso Sales-CRM is an intuitive app that helps you capture a Lead through Phone Call or SMS. You can also generate the Lead from Email and Bulk SMS campaign from the Web interface.
Opportunities or Deal is considered the most important sales records for the Sales department to generate real revenue for the company. It should provide you the functionality to manage your sales processes or Sales Pipeline so that you can give better service to each potential customer and close more sales. Relaso Sales-CRM enables you to track all of the opportunities and view the important details of the deal. The Opportunity modules shows you the sales status, the estimated sales probability in each sales stage and the reason behind the final Sales Status (Win/Lost). You will also be able to do Sales forecast for the upcoming year/quarter.
Imagine a Mobile CRM that provides you the Call Screen/Recording option so that you can see total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call in addition to record the call and write a note while talking. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates this unique  Call screen feature with the apps. You will also be able to “Edit Contact Details” or “Take Note” while on call.
I can bet that your sales people love it if they get an idea about nearest business based on their location while visiting a client. Relaso Sales-CRM added this nifty feature, Location Check-ins with the apps. Your salespeople can also record their client visit right from the same feature and you, as a Manager, can generate a report by the end of the month or week  that shows number of client visit of your every salesperson.
If you are focused on Sales, Relaso Sales-CRM service is all about providing your salespeople with the information they need to do their job from any smartphone they like to do, and has native apps for each handset. The mobile app is built for salespeople who need to work through complex sales process, and they can do this with minimum complications.

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