How to use Mobile CRM to optimally manage your on-the-road Sales Team

Are you a manager and your sales reps are on the road most of the time of the day?  Are you looking for  real-time, crucial company data for your reps while they are at client site?  Your prospect may ask the field person about the status of his order, or his support  inquiry, or the specs of your latest company products. If you have the latest up to date information about all of the above, you are going to have an edge over your competitors.  The rep does’t have to get back later to answer all those queries.
As a manager of a company, I realized that owning smartphones or handheld devices like tablets  can do away with the requirement of purchasing expensive devices like desktops and laptop.  In order to build a true mobile force, companies should  provide its workers the right mobile CRM solution that enables  seamless integration of rich data. While today’s mobile CRM solutions work on smartphones or other handheld devices, manager has to be careful about the selection of apps because, sometimes, the integration of apps are device specific.
In this article, I would like to share my own experiences about managing our sales team using Relaso sales CRM On demand mobile app:

  • Improves insight performance:  A sales lead generates huge amount of data. The information contains online tracking data, social profiles, company information, account history, and more. All of this data helps sales rep to personalize the sales process. However, they are not that effective unless you can extract more meaningful information from them. Usually Analytics is a difficult part to conceive for sales professional. Nevertheless, with the increase amount of data, reporting has become a valuable tool. The Relaso Sales CRM mobile app displays 65 intelligent reports  like Sales Pipelie, Invoice, Revenue, Expense report etc that helps me and my team for better decision making. The Mobile CRM app provides my team the ability to access the lead database on the run including the detail information that is already available in our database.  They can also track the most recent activity and real-time notification for customer queries or purchasing.
  • Streamline the sales Process through better Teamwork:  A mobile CRM is a perfect platform that helps your team to collaborate with other team members.  These interactions brings closeness among our team members.  With the help of the app they can ask questions, give advice, request resources, and give updates. These type of communications boost the efficiency inside team. Additionally,  the sales people can ask their team members for advice, information, and expertise on the go. This way our sales team uses collective knowledge of the team members to leverage their competitors in an collaborative atmosphere.
    With a good lead generating software like Relaso sales CRM, companies can build workflow management system for new sales opportunities. Without a good CRM system in place, it would have been difficult for the sales team to manage all the leads. With  the automation of marketing technology, the mobile CRM app  can handle many crucial work for Lead Generation which produces better business result in the end.
  • User Friendly App: In order to increase the productivity, the mobile CRM application has to be seamless across platforms and across devices. Sales professionals may not have enough time  to go through the nitty-gritty  of their CRM all the way on every device. The user experience is supposed to be intuitive and straightforward.

    According to Frank Falcone, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, “an organization must look at how easily the mobile CRM solution integrates into their email and smart phones, and how friendly the product will be for employees.”

    If the mobile solution  is very complicated and  rolled out across the company without proper training,  the app should not be used in the long run because people don’t know how to use it.

  • Close more opportunities in less time: I noticed one thing after using the mobile CRM across our sales team. There are higher chances to close a deal by lowering different steps required between the customer communication and logging the information into CRM system. For instance, my sales rep is at client site for a meeting. It may be inconvenient for him to enter the details into his laptop. On the other hand, he may forget important part of the discussion by the end of the day to log to his system back office. That’s where mobile CRM plays crucial role.
    The same goes with the salesperson who is on the road or in a meeting . When  something changes regarding the sale in progress, quote or lead, he will be able to update them into his mobile CRM on the go.  Similarly, in case, the sales rep meets any prospect, he can add them as contacts, book appointments and plan activities right from the app. The whole process will help them to follow up on a potential customer and they never lose an opportunity.
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