How to choose right mobile CRM solution for your organization

Does your sales Reps on the field  need ready real time access of business critical company data while they are at client site? You know the client may ask your sales people the status of his order, or his customer service query, or the specs. All type of businesses seeking competitive advantage realized the importance of mobile devices. However, as a manager, it is quite difficult task to choose right Mobile CRM solutions that suits most of your critical need.
You may consider the following tips that is going to help you in decision making for right mobile solution.

  • DOES IT OFFER THE RIGHT FEATURE SET FOR MOBILE USE: Being a manager,  I was on the lookout  for a mobile CRM that should include a robust set of features for our sales team. The area of emphasis are  automation of tasks, notifications like calendar reminders to the  phone,  digestible reports and location of the contacts, leads on a map. However, it shouldn’t necessarily include everything that the desktop app provides.After doing some research, I came across with Relaso Mobile CRM solution, an on-demand effective mobile CRM app that includes a condensed set of its overall features which includes Unified Communication, Lead management, Sales Forecasting, Deal and Pipeline management,  Task & meeting arrangement, Real time reports, Location Check-in etc. By exposing my reps to a distilled version of the desktop app, I give them something that they’ll actually be inclined to use.
  • DOES IT OFFER REAL-TIME SYNC: Like me, nobody wants to be stuck looking at stale data. That’s why syncing is essential to a proper mobile CRM.  Indeed,  “sync functionality” is one of the crucial features for me to go for Mobile CRM Solution. Otherwise, that puts the burden of syncing on my reps and is hugely counter productive. The real gems are mobile apps that offer “real-time” or five minute interval syncing. Relaso Mobile App incorporates Real Time Synch with the cloud that  helps my sales team to save valuable time to create more opportunities and  close deals.
  • DOES IT PROVIDE REAL-TIME ANALYTICS FOR THE METRICS: For our VP Sales, it all comes down to the numbers. Thus, they see using a mobile CRM as another means of gathering data. As a decision maker, it’s important to choose a proper mobile CRM solution that also provides access to our aggregated data through actionable reports. I’m not talking about opening a web view of an excel spreadsheet and trying to zoom in to read static numbers on a chart. With the help of the above mobile app, I can generate 65 real time reports in 11 different categories  like Overview, Sales Pipeline, Payment, Invoice, Revenue and Expense report. Further, the feature gives me the ability to print and send the report in PDF format via email.
  • DOES IT WORK OFFLINE : There are many occasions like network failures, weak signals, wifi-only devices, trans-Atlantic flights, remote location when our field people can not access mobile device due to lack of network connectivity.  However, with Relaso mobile app, they can work offline and the data will be synced automatically when they come online.
  • Data Loss & Privacy:  With mobile CRM, the top concern for me is the risk of customer data being compromised. It happens often, especially now that the majority of our people are going to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies. BYOD is quickly becoming the norm, but not all organizations that institute BYOD strategies understand the risks they face.
    When I made BYOD  strategy, privacy of customer data, corporate data, and the users’ personal data played crucial role for my consideration of right Mobile App. However, I am pretty much comfortable with Relaso Sales CRM App because they use Secure Linux Servers, Automated Backups and Industry Standard SSL/TLS Technology to ensure Data Protection.
  • Call Screen/ Recording : When my sales reps receive a call from the customer, it is very convenient for them to know previous communication or other latest activities with the client. Using the app, our field people can know the total revenue a client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes from Call screen even before receiving the call.
    The software solution also provides me an optional recording of every phone call our sales team make or receive. Call recording gives them the power to review any call and get instant insight on our sales process, our customers and our team.
  •  Accounting: Before the implementation of the Mobile app,  my team used different accounting software to generate invoice and record payment.   However, I don’t need separate Accounting solution any more because Accounting module is integrated with Relaso Sales CRM.  Now, my team can generate invoice, record payment, direct and indirect expenses right from the app. Also, they  get a clear picture of each accounts by generating Invoice, Payment, Expense report etc.
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