How Mobile CRM is changing Sales Person's mindset and Improving Business

Mobile CRM is making waves, and according to a study by Software Advice, 82 percent of those who use it claimed it has improved the quality of their CRM data. The world of CRM is tending rapidly because of smartphones, tablets and mobile applications, and others. Studies have shown that CRM initiatives that focus solely on technology are up to three times more likely to fail than those that take broader view and evaluate not just the tool but the processes, systems, and the mindset of the entire organization.

  • What mobile CRM can do for your clients: The most-used mobile CRM applications include sales content management, review/input customer information and sales reporting and analytics, as pointed out by Software Advice. These features are all enhanced by the Relaso Sales CRM  Software that our company is using for quite a while.
    Customers are greatly influenced by this information, as employees who use CRM software leverage the data to change the way they work and make decisions. Mobile CRM boosts this ability by allowing workers to access the information remotely. This means employees can ponder work-related decisions at any time of day. I give you some instances as follows.
  1. Shortens Sales Cycle:
    Since, I am a Marketing Team Manager, I have to face the scenario very often:  My sales team are outside the office and one of the salespersons is following up a prospect for quite some time.The prospect’s company is willing to close the deal, but now they want a quick summary of the various options he has offered them. He is pretty sure he has pitched them additional services and even offered a special discount, but it was a while ago. The sales rep knows that he has this information stored in the database at our office, which is, unfortunately, far away. With the implementation of the Relaso mobile app, he has all the critical information available for him to win sales. No need to return to the office in order to follow up on his customers or even submit orders.  The person simply can take care of the entire process via his mobile device.
  2. Better Collaboration: When it comes to meeting  my customers’ expectations and being one step ahead of the competition, it’s very helpful to share information across our team and coordinate the  activities while contacting leads. My experience says : Through the above CRM app, all the information concerning the client that are derived from different business areas, in particular from the sales force, from the administration, from  the technical area etc. are easily consulted and used by other areas of organization.  In addition to being essential to establish a long term relationship with the customer, all these information allow to speed and streamline business processes due to smart and full communication between different company figures.
  3. Decision making process:  The use of data quality and analytics play an important role at our company as because the sales people try to derive better insight from their data to know their customers. They are able to filter and review charts, graphs on sales pipeline, sales cycle analytics, activity effort etc. Those sales reps also get a holistic view about all of your accounts and presenting the result in report form with this app.  Relaso Sales CRM app helps us significantly to make  business decision because the tool incorporates more than 65 critical Real time reports like Sales Pipeline Reports, Sales Pipeline, Time Spent Report vis-a-vis Revenue etc.
  • How mobile CRM is a game-changer:  When employees have these new interactions with their mobile devices, they gain a unique kind of mindset. This is exactly the goal of Relaso Mobile App – to transform the way employees think and how they approach clientele. The effort has proven to be successful in our company.
    Overwhelmingly, the reason CRM initiatives fail is rarely because the technology fails, but because organizations fail to begin with clear vision of what CRM is. Paul Greenburg, author of CRM at the Speed ofLight: Captur ing and Keeping Customers in Internet Real Time says:

    “CRM is a philosophy and business strategy, supported by system and technology, designed to improve human interactions in business environment”.

    For an association, customer is any individual or organization that you interact with and exchange value with. Thus, CRM systems and processes should include interactions with members, volunteers, fundraising con- tacts, recipients of your services, lobbyists, employees, and so forth..
    Additionally, I feel from my association with Mobile CRM when leaders create and communicate a vision of CRM as key component of an association’s overall strategy, and all stakeholders work together to maximize the value received and given, then CRM can take association management to the next level, providing a number of benefits, including

  1.      Increased business efficiency and reduced costs;
  2.      Easier compliance with industry codes and government regulations;
  3.      Improved insight into our members, as data from disparate system is brought into single repository;
  4.     Better ability to customize each interaction with members; Improved    member satisfaction, which boosts membership retention and recruitment.
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