Top seven strategic advantages of using Mobile CRM software

 The desktop CRM systems is a very powerful tool. However, once the user is outside a computer environment, he is unable to access the information offered by the CRM.  As because, more and more sales people are away from their offices, it is not a viable option to boot up the laptop while on the run.
On the contrary, It is very crucial for your sales force to be on the top of the game with the rising competition. The sales people must log in every interaction with the customer with the help of the Mobile CRM tool. They will have better degree of flexibility if they are equipped with the tool that, in turn, boosts up sales, increases productivity and company revenue.
The following article focuses  how you can reap the benefit of Mobile CRM for your sales team:

  • Increase the sales: The CRM tool helps businesses to keep track of all useful information associated with any particular customer. Simultaneously, the solution provides a company-wide, cloud-based network that can be accessed by anyone who has permission, from anywhere in the world. Since, they have all of the required information at their fingertips, field people are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall what was the last conversation with their prospect. This enables the them to spend more time having useful conversations and ultimately selling.
  • Customer Satisfaction: As more tasks can be achieved through mobile CRM, and as sales reps are able to provide improved overall customer service, customers’ expectations is expected to go up. Buyers don’t have to further face with long turnaround times, delayed responses to inquiries, or disorganization.
    Customers now know what is possible, and they are beginning to see these new possibilities as a positive step in terms of customer service. That ultimately addresses a major problem for many companies who have difficult time to cope because 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, outdated user interfaces, and multiple applications.
  • Decrease of the Sales Cycle: One of the main advantages of implementing a mobile CRM is the shortening of the sales cycle. As mentioned above, if your sales rep can close sales with fewer interactions then he can dedicate more time in working on new opportunities, therefore increasing their earning potential.
    Nevertheless,  each business is different in terms of its sales cycle and unique requirements, you can customize a mobile CRM in order to get critical information on the spot such as the availability of its inventory, current pricing models and any other information your team may need.
  • Business Intelligence: Is your CRM is just an enhanced version of Data Entry tool? Or it is intelligent enough to send a quotation or invoice very quickly. In fact, you can send them to your client easily during a call with the help of the On-demand, cloud based Mobile App, Relaso Sales- CRM. The nifty app has feature to print 56 different reports like Revenue, Sale Pipeline, Time Spent report etc which helps you better data analysis so that you can make future business decision.
  • Call Screen/ After Call abilities: With this feature of Relaso Sales-CRM, when a prospect or a client calls, you can instantly view total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes with this u.  You will also be able to “Edit Contact Details” or “Take Note” while on call.
  • Location Check-in: A customer meeting gets over ahead of time, leaving with some spare time for your sales rep. Making the best use of the time in hand, he can connect to the Relaso Sales-CRM App in his Smartphone. And in a single tap, the contacts and prospects near him are displayed on the map. Using the app, he can also register the ‘check-in’ at any customer’s site so that you can keep track of the number of visits your sales people make by the end of the day, week or month.
  • Offline -mode: However, working offline is the biggest consideration for 26% of the people because they sometimes travel on airplane or work on wi-fi tablets only. Using this feature of Relaso Mobile CRM app, field people  is going to have advantage to work offline at remote place where there is no internet or wi-fi connectivity.
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