Why Mobile First app is so crucial for business

“Mobile First” is a design approach that puts focus on designing the layout, navigation and content of a website before designing the desktop versions for larger screens. The reason for this is that mobile devices provides mobile user’s requirements on the most basic level compared to desktop displays where you can concentrate more on the content and how the site is used, rather than just making a design that is incredible. Experts suggest that you might want to do the phone layouts first, then the tablet layouts, then the desktop layouts, in that order.
Why is mobile first becoming a popular strategy? Mobile devices are getting to be primary means by which users are accessing Web sites and the number of people using sites on mobile devices is expected to triple within the next year. The way people get into the web sites on their mobile devices is another reason that mobile first is getting popular day by day. The limited screen of mobile devices motivates designers and developers to focus on the most important pieces of content. Thus, mobile devices provide users with a better overall experience in terms of shopping, playing games, and making purchases.
Luke Wroblewski focused on three areas in his blog why Web Application should be designed for Mobile First:

  • Mobile is Exploding: Although, people can access the web through mobile devices for years, today’s smart phones are driving different kind of networked applications and Web content. If you build mobile first applications that ensures companies have an experience available to this extremely fast growing user base,  considered to be the next big computing platform.
  • Mobile Forces you to Focus: Mobile devices require software developers to concentrate on only the most important data and actions in an application. That is prioritization on your part. So when a team designs mobile first, the end result is an experience focused on the key tasks users want to accomplish by sidetracking the extraneous part of general interfaces that litter today’s desktop-accessed Web sites.
  • Mobile Extends your Capabilities: New mobile application platforms are introducing interesting features that keep many PC-based web applications behind. Building mobile first allows teams to use the full features to create rich context-aware applications rather than limiting themselves to an increasingly dated set of capabilities.

Mobile first Boost up Sales: Sales is directly related to customer satisfaction and experience. It is good idea to work with Marketing to ensure that sales materials are produced in a mobile-friendly manner. In addition, it is better not to adopt sales tools that can’t be accessed via mobile — 36.6% of salespeople said that a solely laptop/desktop setup is unsuitable for field activity. Almost three-quarters (73%) of sales executives report that they achieved ROI by using tablet or mobile solutions. Companies using mobile apps and sales systems reported a 26% increase in win rate
Mobile First approach to Business Intelligence: Since, BI user base is shifting continuously, fewer people will be accessing BI content from their PCs and they will be retrieving the information from their smartphones and tablets. That’s why companies must consider the Mobile First approach not only for their websites, but also for their BI applications. There are several benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence:

  • You can visualize data with current reporting via native or Web-based applications .
  • Using mobile devices, users can access real-time data and get alerts immediately when there is changes in trends and data. You can provide quick response this way.
  • Many mobile BI tools comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) to mobile devices. With smart navigation and customized dashboards, these products play an important role for making critical business decisions on the run.

Relso Sales CRM is an intuitive cloud based mobile app that also runs on offline mode. It is very helpful for the sales rep on the go so that they can store the information in offline mode and synch it with the cloud when internet is available. The app integrates some useful features like Lead and Deal Management, Sales Pipeline and Sales Forecast, Accounting, Task and Meeting Management, Email Integration and Real Time Reports. The data is stored in Secure Linux Servers with Automated Backups and Industry Standard SSL/TLS Technology.
In conclusion, things have changed dramatically in the last few years. Now, building a web product is becoming an increasingly backwards way of thinking. Designing for mobile first not only prepares you for the huge growth potential in this space, it enables you to focus and innovate at the same time.

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