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Where to store passwords / credentials in Gradle Project

Problem Statement Projects are checked in version control systems like git. You don’t want your credentials to be checked in git too. As such you need a way to easily inject your credentials in your build while keeping it away from prying eye. Solution The solution is to store it in ~/.gradle/ This file is […]

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Recommendation: Private / Corporate Maven Repository: Sonatype Nexus or jFrog Artifactory

Requirements: I am writing several reusable libraries which need to refer each other in myriad ways, each may be worked upon by different developer. I don’t want to create a jumbo project with sub-modules where access control is a pita. I don’t want the repository to be publicly accessible. There should be fine-grained access control […]


How to rapidly test alternative ideas in Java during development

Problem Java is a compiled language and in any non-trivial project you use multiple libraries which are neatly assembled for you when you run the application with your build system like gradle. This makes it hard and slow to test alternative ideas as you have to compile and run the project each time which is […]