How to create the real value of social CRM

Social CRM is all about engaging social customers into your CRM process. It is important for an organization to create its own social community. Company can incorporate it into CRM process because social CRM will allow an organization to enhance  broader control over community direction and content. In other word, it builds a customer fan base. Social Medial helps company get close to the existing as well as potential customers. In doing so, it boosts efficiency, reduces cost and increases revenue. The real value of SCRM comes when an organization improves user experience by utilizing the process. The following points further elaborate the real value.
As per telecom major BT, 40% of the customer feedback comes from Twitter. Latest study of J D power associates says, 43% of branded social media engagement by consumers ages 18-29 are customer service-related, as opposed to the 23% that are marketing-related.
SCRM tools help you track, monitor and benchmark social communication. However, you may not have time and resources to address all of the  issues. In that case, you have to be smart enough to prioritize the issues and address the pressing one. The real benefit of SCRM tools , in a nutshell, are:

  • Deeper Customer Engagement:   The key  for this achievement is Sales Force Automation.  Your existing as well as potential customer may transmit digital signals via tweets, comments, reviews. Aggregating them at a central location and finding meaningful introspection are the important areas  to improve the the customer relationship. Many companies offer sales force automation and CRM application tools to make the job easier.
  • Using Content to optimize conversion: Since, a company publishes different type of contents,  it is critical to know which content is converting users for Registration, Lead Generation or Direct Sales. SCRM helps determine what kind of content is the driver to generate maximum number of conversion.
  • The highlights of SCRM customer service workflow is:
    1. Keeps track of internet posting for relevant post.
    2. Initiate customer service process by using those relevant posting .
    3. Other employees can collaborate about any issue or feedback.
    4. Customers can respond publicly or privately.
    5. Integrates it with other system to provide a holistic view of the customer base.
  • Sharing the perception with the other departments: You can analyze and aggregate  those customer communications, throws some insight and share it with other department like Production, marketing etc. SCRM tools handle this type of workflow very efficiently.  As the interactions grows larger, it is going to be increasing difficult for normal human being to address those issues in a timely manner. SCRM tools address those problems.
  • Your social media message should be in sync with your branding

“The consumer wants to feel like they are talking to a real person, but you want to be sure the tone on your social sites is still in line with your company,” says Chris Apaliski, the social media director at Dallas-based digital marketing agency Magic Logix

  • Monitor the conversations among your customers: You can immediately respond to an issue of the customer by monitoring social interaction rather than waiting for their turn to submit support issue ticket.  “One of the best ways to solve a problem is to anticipate it before it is presented to you,” says Adam Root, CTO and cofounder of marketing software developer target HipLogiq, parent company of social media apps SocialCompass and SocialCentiv.
  • Loyal customer should be rewarded:  Those customers who exclusively talk about your brand should be lured with some discount code so that they can have long time association with your company.  You can also send them handwritten Thank You note to reward them for their positive feedback.
  • Unified Customer Communication: UC is a marketing tool for integration of Real Time communication services like Chat , Video Conference, VoIP with non-Real type communication like Email, SMS etc into an unified platform. For example, one can receive an email message and choose to access it through cell phone or voicemail. This feature is integrated with most of the Social CRM tools.
  • It takes quite a while for the company management to choose right Social CRM software because the business goals of different companies are not the same.  James Wong, CEO of CRM software provider, Avidian in Redmond, Washington, agreed with this. “If you’re new to CRM, it might make sense to say what is my one end goal and then try to build the CRM around that goal,” said Wong.The system offers a set of tools to boost your sales and helps effective marketing campaigns. It includes Sales Pipeline, Deal Management, Sales Forecast, Lead Management, Invoice Generation, Email Integration, Contact Management, Real Time Report Generation, Task Meeting Management, Unified Communication etc. Relaso Sales-CRM is such a tool that was uniquely designed to address all of the above features, keeping in mind small and medium enterprises.
  • In the end, it is quite impossible to do social CRM without social media. The best way you can build brand image is to create, grow and control the social media community with the help of Social CRM tool.
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