How can you effectively manage remote Sales Team with Mobile CRM for under 10$ per month

Mobile CRM helps sales people to be more efficient, provide better follow-up and give quotes more rapidly. This prevents leads and opportunities from falling through the cracks and fosters shorter sales cycles. Also, salespeople are empowered to bring new customers on board, strengthen customer relationships and increase sales volume within their accounts.
Mobile CRM vendors are not only disrupting traditional enterprise selling models, they’re also offering to solve some of CRM’s biggest problems, according to Robert DeSisto, vice president and distinguished sales analyst at Gartner.  “The idea is that [mobile tools will] one, improve adoption, and two, [allow managers to] get better data quality from the rep,”
In this following article, I am going to identify the issues for remote sales team and corresponding solution for this.

  • Unified Communication: The biggest issues my sales team faced before implementing mobile CRM is consolidating all of the customers communication in one place.  Once I implemented the Relaso Sales CRM on demand mobile App, it benefits me in the following ways.
    Unified Communication: All the communication i.e call records, call recordings, notes and emails between my company and the customer are stored in one place. This helps me to give context to all the communications.
    The mobile CRM solution ensures my sale people never miss a client communication through any channels like Call, SMS or Email.
    They  will instantly update lead status on the road, notify lead / client site check-ins, get real-time update of their pipeline etc.
  • Lead Generation: Sales people very often complain about lack of valuable Leads. As a Manager, I had to spend long time to figure out the Lead Generation which is associated with Lead Capturing, Lead Qualification and conversion of Lead to potential customer.  Additionally, I had to investigate for additional information like  what marketing campaign a lead came from, have the most up-to-date contact information, and see all relevant activities to help me convert more leads.
    Finally, I found an Relaso Mobile app,  which  is built for small teams that helps you capture, track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface.  It manages Multi-Channel Communication, Check-ins, Estimates, Deals – all in one place. You can further import your existing Contacts & Leads in bulk from your Spreadsheet, Facebook, Linkedin etc. So your team is ready to hit the road.
  • Report feature with CRM: I manage a team of 20 sales man, most of them are frequently on the road, closing deals, giving demonstration. They had to come everyday at the end of the day to file status reports. I could see it was having an impact on their productivity. However getting the status report was very important as you know. So I thought of seeing what was available in terms of Mobile CRM so that they can update their status directly from road. As an added benefit I would get live status updates and can take corrective actions immediately, if required.
  • I have explored a new Mobile App, Relaso Sales CRM that integrates 56 critical real time reports from 11 categories like Overview, Sales Pipeline, Invoice, Time Spent, Revenue, Expense reports etc. Additionally, the web end of the application shows different crucial infographics like Deal Vs Opportunity stages and status, Realized Revenue vs Projected Revenue and profits in real time on Deal Dashboard.
  • Sales Funnel Management: This is very crucial part to manage the sales pipeline of a company. When my sales people explores multiple opportunities to convert, it is very difficult  after a while to keep track of different stages of the opportunity.  Being a manager, I also feel the necessity to determine how soon my team closes a deal. With the help of above mobile app, I found out that the sales cycle for closing a deal is drastically reduced. Besides, I can get a comprehensive view of different opportunities and their respective pipeline stages on the mobile screen.
  • Access to Information that increases the sale in the long run: As a manager,  I faced situation several times from my field representative that they are spending too much time to get the information of account history of the client, products recently purchased and the most up to date pricing information.  Not too long ago, being away from the office equaled a complete information blackout.
    Now with the use of the Relaso App, they plan and prepare for a meeting on location, or get a reminder to follow up with a prospect while on the road. By having all the required information at their fingertips, sales people are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall what was the last conversation they had with their prospect.  This enables the sales rep to spend more time having meaningful conversations and ultimately selling.
  • Geo-location : I am curious to know many times how many clients my sales rep visit by the end of the day. Sometimes I may need to know the monthly number of visits of my sales people by the end of the month in report form.
    Relaso Sales CRM’s  Location Check- in feature lets my field people visualize their respective contacts and leads with addresses in relation to where they are on a beautiful map.  This saves some precious time for the salesman to find out the exact address of the client.  In addition, I can generate report by the end of the month about their total number of client visit.
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