How to Easily Configure WiFi in Raspberry Pi

Any version of Raspberry Pi can be very easily configured with WiFi access. Coupled with ssh or vnc, it allows you to manage your Pi remotely. Here is the simplest way I could think of, illustrated by a screenshot and detailed below.
Once your Raspberry Pi boots up, you will get to this shiny screen. Now open a Terminal by clicking on the black square icon on top-left of the screen.Screenshot from 2017-01-04 11-29-18
This opens a Terminal where you type in:
sudo leafpad /etc/network/interfaces
This opens up a notepad-like editor. Make three changes to the text as shown in the highlighted section:

  1. Change manual to dhcp in the line starting with “iface wlan0”
  2. Replace wifi_id with the Wireless Access ID / SSID
  3. Replace password with your actual password for Wireless Access

Now save it (Ctrl-S) like notepad and exit it. The terminal should still remain open.
Now either reboot the Pi or restart the network with the following command on Terminal (don’t forget to press <Enter> after you typed):
sudo service networking restart
Wait for a few minutes for the WiFi to come up. On latest Raspbian with PIXEL, you can verify by seeing the two blue arrows in opposite direction, as can be seen from the screenshot.

Steps to secure and protect your Skype account from Hacking

Skype accounts are being hacked since at least August last year. Breached Skype accounts are used to send thousands of spam messages before they’re locked by Microsoft. The owners then have to regain access and that is when most find out about it. Skype has fallen victim to similar attacks before, and hackers were able to spoof messages on the system in 2015 after using lists of stolen usernames and passwords to gain access to accounts.
This wave of attack appears to be growing in size, and Skype users who opted for Microsoft’s two-factor security are also vulnerable. Microsoft offers the ability to link a Skype and Microsoft Account together to make sign-in and security easier. It turns out that Microsoft keeps your original Skype account password separate so that it can still be used to access the service with a Skype username. If that password isn’t secure then hackers can use it to gain access to your Skype account, bypassing any two-factor authentication provided by Microsoft. Essentially Microsoft has left a backdoor open to their vaunted two-factor security! It can be safely assumed that the new wave of attack is dictionary based and Skype / Microsoft allows unlimited login tries at some entry point.
The solution, in brief, is to switch to Microsoft’s two-factor security and then disable access by old method.
1. Update your Skype account to a Microsoft account:

  • Go to, if you’re already signed in, sign out.
  • Enter your Skype name and password when prompted and then select
  • Sign in.
  • If your Skype account is not updated already, you will be notified to update your account.
  • Select Next to continue.
  • You will be asked to add an email to your account, and verify that email.
  • Congrats, your Skype account is also a Microsoft account.

2. Ensure that your Accounts are fully merged:

  • Go to, if you’re already signed in, sign out.
  • Enter your Skype name, not your Microsoft Account email address, and use your Skype password to sign-in
  • If you’ve linked your Microsoft Account previously, you’ll be prompted to sign-in and merge the accounts to create a Skype alias

3. Disable Skype alias:
Once the two accounts are properly merged, Microsoft creates a Skype alias to let you keep signing in with a Skype username. Disable it under the aliases preferences, to ensure complete protection.

Maximum number of Files in a Directory

Different file systems in different Operating Systems has different limitations in the number of files that can be in a directory as determined by the underlying architecture.. Here is an overview of maximum of number of files that you can have in a directory and associated problems, if any, like performance.


  • Maximum number of files: 268,173,300
  • Maximum number of files per directory: 216 – 1 (65,535)
  • Maximum file size: 2 GiB – 1 without LFS, 4 GiB – 1 with


  • Maximum number of files: 232 – 1 (4,294,967,295)
  • Maximum file size
    • Implementation: 244 – 26 bytes (16 TiB – 64 KiB)
    • Theoretical: 264 – 26 bytes (16 EiB – 64 KiB)
  • Maximum volume size
    • Implementation: 232 – 1 clusters (256 TiB – 64 KiB)
    • Theoretical: 264 – 1 clusters


  • Maximum number of files: 1018
  • Maximum number of files per directory: ~1.3 × 1020 (performance issues past 10,000)
  • Maximum file size
    • 16 GiB (block size of 1 KiB)
    • 256 GiB (block size of 2 KiB)
    • 2 TiB (block size of 4 KiB)
    • 2 TiB (block size of 8 KiB)
  • Maximum volume size
    • 4 TiB (block size of 1 KiB)
    • 8 TiB (block size of 2 KiB)
    • 16 TiB (block size of 4 KiB)
    • 32 TiB (block size of 8 KiB)


  • Maximum number of files: minimum (volume Size / 213, number of Blocks)
  • Maximum file size: same as ext2
  • Maximum volume size: same as ext2


  • Maximum number of files: 232 – 1 (4,294,967,295)
  • Maximum number of files per directory: unlimited
  • Maximum file size: 244 – 1 bytes (16 TiB – 1)
  • Maximum volume size: 248 – 1 bytes (256 TiB – 1)

How mobile CRM market is set to explode

Being mobile is not just about being on a mobile platform. Being mobile means you act and behave differently compared to sitting behind a desk with a big screen, a keyboard and a mouse at hand. Many CRM providers has tried to convert their web applications to mobile, with little success. Being mobile as a CRM provider therefore means designing your CRM software from scratch with mobile in mind. It also means building native for mobile devices, to be able to use all those mobile features as the device provider gives you.
A massive shift is taking place in the provision of customer relationship management software (CRM). According to Sage CRM, mobile technologies will explode by more than 500 % in 2016. Since the arrival of New Year we gathered information about mobile CRM predictions from different sources. We love to share those as follows:

  • Power of Data protection and accuracy: Data is what makes CRM work. In the coming year, businesses will only trust those CRM vendors that provide extra security to the critical customer data of the companies. Also, in today’s world, data change at a faster pace than ever before. The longer one waits to update CRM data the higher the percentage of inaccurate data will be.
  • Integration is very crucial: Integration possibilities with different web services & tools are an important decision-making factor when looking for a mobile CRM system. They are bridging the gap between the sales and marketing department, hence, improving the organization’s processes. With advancement in technology, CRM has matured to the point when it is more than just a simple system.
  • Higher user adoption: People have always been resistant to a change — to use different CRM system or to go mobile. But with increasing use and dependence on mobile technology, the companies using mobile CRM solutions are seeing far higher adoption rates. Another reason is that users frequently come across survey results — showing that organizations who have successfully implemented mobile CRM saw clear benefits and real business value.
  • More Vertical Market Focus: Mobile CRM is bound to diversify even further into more vertical market focuses. For example, the IBM–Apple partnership brings the Retention App, which targets the insurance industry. As more businesses move to mobile first, Choose Your Own Device, and Bring Your Own Device strategies this year, it only make sense for the IBM–Apple partnership along with established and start-up CRM vendors to launch new, vertical market–focused CRM apps to meet the demand.
  • Data Analysis: The integration of mobile devices, CRM, and big data is another trend to watch. Take, for example, the retail sector, where the convergence of mobile devices, CRM, and big data enable mobile marketing and mobile apps to provide better insights into the customer community to drive more sales. Another area in which the mobile, CRM, and big data integration is trending is around improving customer intelligence, providing sales teams with more actionable customer data, which can translate into improved customer sales and service.
  • Social integration: A customer relationship management platform that integrates social media gives you access to the same level of insight you have for more traditional channels, plus the ability to use social tools for communicating internally. You can monitor, track and benchmark your social media communications using familiar tools, dashboards and metrics.By adding the critical social media channel to your existing CRM systems , you can combine everything you already know about each customer, prospect and lead with new information about their social media activity. And when a customer chooses to contact you via Twitter or Facebook, you can track and manage the conversation in as much detail as you would for a telephone or email inquiry. You’ll be able to act faster, respond better and anticipate your customers’ needs.
  • Cloud – Cloud is already dominating the technology sector. With more and more companies, especially startups and SMEs prefer Cloud technology as their infrastructure may not support the demands of on premise system. For them, Mobile CRM is a blessing which not only helps the sales team with better detailing but also understanding the customer and his needs better.
  • Wearables : Wearables like Google Glass, smart watches are just the start of technology which will help us be in touch with our data and customers at any point of time. The rise in the demand of such devices is the proof that companies more and more are promoting and wanting to use Mobility and cloud in their practice.
    Mobile CRM is just one such example of technology which will help in a better sales pipeline and forecasting. It will help the company where the customers are and just not sit back behind their desks.Relaso Sales CRM is an app based mobile CRM solution that enables Sales managers to track deal updates from their mobiles, monitor site check-ins, task and meeting, sales pipeline and revenue.
    In addition, there are several on-mobile live reports to constantly keep track of and optimize sales team performance and identify bottlenecks, The Data Security is ensured with  secure Linux Servers, Automated Backups, Industry Standard SSL/TLS Technology. It can even work in areas with zero network connectivity.

How You can guarantee ROI for your mobile CRM

While building a business case for a major investment, whether it be for a new hire, new piece of equipment, or even a company acquisition, it is very crucial that you present the ROI which shows a rapid return for the investment.  And the same theory is true for software solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  With more functionalities of Mobile CRM like automation and access to real-time information, businesses today have many more options to support strategic goals, communicate almost in real-time, and build long lasting and profitable relationships with customers.
You may consider the top capabilities as follows in order to guarantee ROI from your CRM implementation:

  • Mobile CRM boost sales productivity: According to a new Nucleus Research report, social and mobile access to CRM applications increased the productivity of sales people by 26.4 percent. Apart from this, mobile solution can help the CRM with broader corporate objectives. The software is quickly moving beyond apps with improved functionalities. The better visibility of the app allowed sales people to more readily identify accounts they need to contact on the basis of location and pipeline and helped managers keep better tabs on which accounts need to be managed proactively.
  • Choose features wisely: Focus your efforts on using more features that actually matter to your business, and less on the features that you don’t need. Many CRM systems aren’t customized to fit your business needs. Investing in additional features, integration or customization, automating critical workflows and business processes within your system can take it to the next level. All this will further help increase productivity and thus an increase in your ROI.
  • Get Social: Social networking is, perhaps, the biggest trend and change facing IT professionals. Clients expect to directly communicate with their brands and vendors, and companies must quickly respond via the same channels. “For years we have focused too much on the management of our customer relationships, and we now need to focus much more on the relationship part, we need to collaborate, we need to inject a sense of mutual benefit into everything we do with our customers,” said Gartner research director Jim Davies.
  • Analyze DataOrganizations that integrates mobile CRM systems and social networks not only satisfy customers’ desire to communicate over multiple channels, they also generate structured and unstructured data. If those data is associated with powerful analytic tools, the software solution is going to provide businesses insight into their customers, trend information, and valuable research document.
    These analytic tools can drill-down further into the  consumers’ information, either private information collected through interactions between company and client, or public data collected through the customer’s postings on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Combining together, this information creates a holistic view of the clients, their likes and dislikes, giving businesses a better ability for effective marketing, product-development, and support offerings to customers’ specific needs.
  • Ensure that manager act on data: Sales managers will need to take a look of the information and reports from the mobile CRM like Realso Sales CRM. They not only analyze them, they should also act on them. For example, if they find that several leads are exiting the sales funnel at the demo stage, they should begin the process of changing the demo.If they find out that there are hundreds of leads that they are not in touch over a year, they should make a marketing agenda to nurture them and change processes that their sales reps follow. If they aren’t willing to take time to analyze reports or make changes based on them, they won’t be taking advantage of the power of their CRM.
  •  Consider ongoing maintenance costs: Sometimes you may overlook the ongoing maintenance costs for the software due to steep upfront costs associated with deployment of on-premises licensed software. You should also consider these.
    What is the annual vendor maintenance fee associated with the license? Is there enough support built into the vendor subscription fees, or  any extra charges for premium support? What ongoing application maintenance and user help desk support is required? How will maintenance costs grow over time? Is third-party maintenance a better alternative?
  • User Adoption:  User adoption poses a challenge after mobile CRM deployments. One of the main reason that CRM adoption fails due to the low user adoption. One of the best ways to achieve successful CRM user adoption is to define the roles for each team and its members within the project. Involve your team early, from the start till the end of the implementation process.
    Training part is equally important. Make sure that the users are taught how to use every part of the system, that they will be required to utilize in the CRM. Also, ensure that user adoption is encouraged at all levels of management.

Why every salesperson must have the following Smartphone Apps

When you started your business, managing your contacts might not be so difficult because you had a few number of suppliers and customers, and few enough team members that you could memorize their email addresses. However, things changes. Your business is growing and you have more people than before to keep track of. You need a Customer Relationship Management app which will help you tracking everyone. We’ve explored why you’d want CRM.
The time is right to find a great CRM tool for your team. The solution is going to help you for your small business, startup, nonprofit or large enterprise, or one for your role in sales, business development or public relations. One of the 4 tools in this list may suit your needs. Let’s find out.
Relaso Sales-CRM: Relaso Sales-CRM is a Mobile-first app based on Cloud Technology, optimized for managing sales team on the go. The key features include:
Lead Tracking: It helps Lead Generation, Capture of customer inquiry, Filtering and Grading the Lead and Lead Assignment. The solution also assists, converting Lead to actual customer through different qualifying process in addition to tracking multi-channel campaigns.
Opportunity and Pipeline Management: This module integrates Pipeline and opportunity Management very efficiently to improve your chances of winning a Deal. You will be able to forecast your revenue based on the previous performance of the Sales Pipeline.
Call Screen/ Recording: Your sales rep would know from the Call Screen the total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during the call.
Location Check-in: When your sales people visit any client location, they can record their visit with this unique feature right from the app. You can also generate a Check-in report about the number of clients he visited during a period of time.
Comprehensible Reports on Mobile: The CRM solution also enables you to generate 12 different real time reports like Revenue, Sales Pipeline, time spent etc from the app. The report module gives you a holistic view about the customer behaviour to improve your business decision.
The other interesting feature included with this solution is Unified Communication. Call records, SMS/Text msg, Email etc – all of of the communication with your client are stored in one place to give you better context for future use.
The Invoicing with Payment module helps your sales team to do Invoicing and Payment right from the app. Your management can do Sales Forecast from the Real Time Reports of the app as well as from the Opportunity /Deal dashboard of the Web Interface.
Apart from this, other highlighted features include Schedule and Share Meeting, Task Management, Estimates, Expense Tracking and GPS map of Leads , Sales Person, Client on a Live map etc. is a web as well as mobile app that features aircraft seat maps, flight shopping and a color-coded system to identify superior and substandard airline seats. It also shows information about in-flight service and airline specific information regarding Check-in, Baggage, Unaccompanied Minor and Traveling with Infants and Pets.
When you book a flight, many airlines let you choose your seat. However, they do not inform you how far it is from the restroom, the size of the seat, and other factors that will guarantee maximum comfort. This is where comes in the picture. Not only it gives you the layout of airline jets from popular airlines,this tool also gives you comfort values, and other information, to make sure you get the perfect seat, on any aircraft, for the lowest prices.
The site is easy to navigate. On the homepage, you can take a look of the seating charts of popular airlines. You can view seat maps, comparison charts, and even compare seats, to ensure you find the right one. It’s Very easy to navigate, and find exact information you are searching for.
Tripit: You can organize your travel plans from one place with TripIt. It is available both as Web Application and Mobile App. Travelers just forward their purchase confirmation emails to TripIt and TripIt creates master itineraries with travel plans and other critical information automatically. It’s easy for travelers to print or access their trip plans from anywhere with this app. You also can share itineraries and travel calendars with friends in their TripIt network. Key Features includes:

  • Forward hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to to create an instant itinerary (If you use Gmail or Google Apps, it works automatically)
  • Access itineraries anytime, on any device (even offline)
  • Get directions and maps for each destination
  • Sync trip plans with your Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Add or edit plans manually—from the app or on
  • Share some (or all) of your trip plans via email or social

DocSend: It is an analytical tool for your online Document that runs on Mobile as well as Desktop. DocSend gives the vendors all the data about all the documents they send online. It also tracks and reports number of views, location, operating system, the duration of each page view, etc. Now, every time you send a document to someone, you will be able to know if he or she didn’t look at it for weeks. So how does the Tool work?
You just upload a PDF file to DocSend, they will provide you a unique link for each person or group you want to share the document with. Copy the shared link with the individual or the group. Once they open the link you will start seeing numbers in your dashboard. Once one of your recipients opens the document, you will get an email alert.
What can be tracked?

  • Duration of each page view
  • Location
  • Operating System of the viewer
  • Device used by the viewer
  • Name of the person or group who viewed the document(You have to ask the viewer to provide this data)

When someone opens the document, you get instant notification. Update the document anytime you want, the viewer always gets the updated version even after sending the link before updating. You are not sure who you are going to share the link with? Don’t worry, DocSend allows us to collect Name, Email and company of a viewer because they need to fill up these details before viewing the document. Further,You can set expiration date and password also. This tool can be integrated with DropBox, Google Drive & Box planned for the future and they only support PDFs currently.

Why Mobile CRM is the New Trend for CRM industry

Traditionally, CRM is installed on Desktops and Laptops. Today you can even edit a document in your mobile or create a presentation, why not CRM? Naturally traditional CRM companies ventured in creating a mobile version of their software with limited functionality. What they missed in these first generation Mobile CRM was a whole new disruptive set of capabilities that become possible in the mobile platform that turns CRM on its head.
What is Mobile CRM: Mobile customer relationship management is a type of customer relationship management application that was designed to be executed, operated and accessed through mobile platforms. Mobile CRM enables organizations to add, edit and manage their interaction and relationships with current or prospective customers through mobile applications on handheld mobile devices, PDAs and tablet PCs.
Benefits of mobile CRM over regular CRM: Office based CRM systems are powerful tools, but once outside a computer environment the user is completely disconnected from the huge source of information provided by the CRM. Additionally, every computer within the business network requires the CRM Software to be installed directly on it and to be connected via network cables to all other computers. This would cause an extremely long roll out time for new CRM Software implementation apart from big expense.
Introducing mobile CRM to your sales operation can be a enormous change for the better. Your salespeople can update and synchronize information on the move, sharing real-time data from across the business. They are not engrossed with day-to-day task on desktop because a salesperson is carrying a tablet or smartphone with him. Besides, with the integration of cloud technology to mobile CRM functionality, you’re no longer synchronizing data with a local copy – you’re accessing live, centrally held information from whichever device you choose.
Another interesting workflow can be viewed as when an inbound lead is generated. With traditional CRM, when someone calls, you either remember it or take down the notes. Later on you enter the data in CRM at the office and then start creating a proposal for him. However, with mobile CRM, you can achieve this within a very short period of time.
How is mobile-first CRM different from CRM with mobile app / interface: Mobile first is a business strategy and that assumes smartphones, tablets and task-specific apps are employees’ primary tools to get the work done.
The traditional approach to business process assumes employees do most of their work at their desks, using PCs and large, powerful software suites. Often, mobile workers are accommodated by loading full versions of PC software onto smartphones and tablets, either through mobile desktop virtualization or porting applications to mobile operating systems. These strategies may not be effective, however, because mobile apps are usually more narrow in focus than their PC counterparts and desktop software programs are not designed for touch screen interfaces.
A mobile first strategy aims to address these problems. The approach accommodates desktop computing but does so in a way that fits the more task-specific, flexible work styles of the mobile era. For example, a desktop application that manages a company’s entire supply chain might be redesigned as several smaller apps, tailored to different groups of users.
Mobile CRM may not be for your business: Mobile CRM, while useful for many business may not be suitable for yours. Here are the businesses which may not benefit much from Mobile CRM

  • Call Center: While Mobile CRM can be used by Call Center staff, most call centers have already invested in call center hardware and have a process built of employees working from an office setup. As such converting the staff to use Mobile CRM and work from anywhere may not be the best solution, at least not initially.
  • Retail CRM: Retails shops normally operate from fixed desks with computers. As such it may not be convenient to use Mobile CRM when the same can be available from their existing setup and may already be integrated with their payment system.

Why people ditch CRM and how Mobile CRM can solve it: CRM requires a large volume of data to be entered on a regular basis which makes it less than rosy proposal for many salesperson and as such long term adoption suffers. Well designed Mobile CRM minimizes data entry by capturing data automatically and intelligently from various sources. A mobile-first CRM like Relaso Sales CRM follows the following strategy.

    • Captures call details automatically against leads so you don’t make to note it in details.
    • Allows very easy multi-tagging of contacts, making them easy to classify and target for drip-marketing and follow-ups.
    • Integrates proposal building so a quick proposal can be sent even during call.
    • Even creates invoice or provides cash sales receipt.

So in essence whereas the old workflow would require the following:

      • Go to client site and explain product.
      • Send proposal after going back to office.
      • follow-up to close the deal.
      • Send invoice to customer.

With Mobile CRM, all of the above may be completed in a matter of minutes, at client site of while on-call.

Top 8 reasons to adopt Mobile Customer Relationship Management

There is a mass migration from desktop PC to Mobile platform in the last few years. As per the recent study, the mobile traffic grows from 1% in 2009 to 13% in 2013, and it’s still growing. Mobile CRM is the CRM tool that was designed for handheld device like Smartphones, Tablet etc. Now, users expect to access or update the information in real time, not when they get back to office. During the post PC era, organizations realized that they must run their critical business applications where they are the most effective. From marketing standpoint, this means running CRM applications on handheld devices that can be used while a mobile worker is still away with the customer.
If you integrate the CRM with your Salespeople, they can update the information on the move and they can also share the information with other employees of your company simultaneously. In other word, Mobile CRM can serve the purpose of daily task in easier way compared to the same ability on the desktop. However, Mobile CRM platform has matured a lot lately. If you add cloud technology to mobile CRM system, you are synchronizing data not only with a local copy – you’re accessing live, centralized information from whatever device you select. The distributed team can share the information in real time. They can also share, update and send business proposal on the run. The key features of Mobile CRM are as follows:

  • Sales Funnel Management (SFM): It is just like bottom up pyramid. Top of the funnel contains those people who are interested about your product due to advertisement or marketing campaign. Those people who have initial commitment about your product beyond basic information are branded as Lead. They go to the middle of the Funnel. A potential lead is someone who is ready to purchase and they go to bottom stage of the funnel. Every successful sales person requires to identify potential lead that can be converted to potential customer. The benefit of SFM is to identify and focus your effort on the right people rather than wasting time with those people who are not interested. A CRM tool like Relaso Sales-CRM integrates the SFM and keeps track of different customers and their specific requirements.
  • Lead Management: Lead Management is a process of managing prospective customers. The process helps businesses understand which strategy are generating the best leads, so that you can optimize your sales strategy to be more effective. Lead Management includes Lead Generation, Capture of customer inquiry, Filtering and Grading the Lead , Lead Assignment, Lead Nurture (Sorted Leads that need to be followed up). Relaso Sales-CRM System helps convert Lead to actual customer in addition to tracking multi-channel campaigns.
  • Deal or Opportunity Management: Opportunity Management is based on Sales Pipeline Management. The Sales Pipeline helps you figure out where the money is in your sales process. You’ill be able to understand at which stage any deal is, whether you have enough deals in hand to achieve your target and quota or certain deals need special attention. The Opportunity Management standardize your sales process and move forward your opportunity by utilizing optimization of sales pipeline overflow. It gives you guideline how to improve your sales process and improve your WIN rate. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates Pipeline and opportunity Management very efficiently to improve your chances of winning a Deal. You will be able to forecast your revenue based on the previous performance of the Sales Pipeline.
  • Check-in Report: Sometimes the sales people need to record their visit at a client site so that management knows the exact location of their visit. All they have to do is to hit the “Check In” item from the menu. Relaso Sales-CRM software has the very unique capability to record the number of visit of your sales people by using GPS. Additionally, you can generate a report to see the number of visit of a salesperson during a certain period of time.
  • Accounting: Pairing the Accounting module transforms your CRM system into an accounting CRM. It optimizes your business efficiency. Additionally, you will get a holistic view about all of your accounts and presenting the result in report form. Relaso Sales-CRM provides you the ability to generate invoice, record payment, direct and indirect expenses. Also, you will get a clear picture of different accounts by generating Invoice, Payment, Expense report etc.
  • Call Screen: Many times your salespeople may want to know total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call.Relaso Sales-CRM integrates this feature with the module.
  • Real Time Reports: The intuitive interface of Relaso Sales-CRM allows you to share powerful reports with your team in real time. These CRM reports provides you the analytics to take informed decisions and achieve better business goals. There are 12 different reports like Sales Pipeline, Time Spent, Revenue, Payment, Check-in etc.
  • Additional Features of CRM: For segmentation and analysis, Relaso Sales-CRMmodule added the capability of tagging for contact, client, Opportunity etc. Additionally, you can also effectively use Sales-CRM module for setting up Tasks and Meeting with the client.

Although, every company has not yet integrated mobile CRM, it’s gradually becoming in-dispensable tool for salespeople and other CRM users. The ease-of-use and the availability of Mobile CRM on the go offers many benefits and allows users to work more efficiently and accurately.

Possible causes & solutions for MongoDB not running

Is your MongoDB properly running? A simple way to check it would be with:

service mongod status

On my CentOS 5.x it gave:

mongod dead but subsys locked

There are two possible causes I could find. First is related to disk space. If you do not have enough space for dbpath (database directory) then you may get this message.

To solve it you can add following to the config file provided when running mongod --config mongod.conf
For MongoDB 3.x (latest version)

      smallFiles: true

For version 2.6+

   smallFiles: true

For version 2.4 and less

smallfiles = true

Then just execute mongod to accept your config file (here it assumes that location of the config is /etc/mongodb.conf):

mongod -f /etc/mongodb.conf

Documentation for smallfiles parameter:

Set to true to modify MongoDB to use a smaller default data file size.
Specifically, smallfiles reduces the initial size for data files and
limits them to 512 megabytes. The smallfiles setting also reduces the
size of each journal files from 1 gigabyte to 128 megabytes.
Alternatively you can run mongod with --smallfiles parameter like:
mongod --smallfiles

On my machine the problem was different. It was expecting a directory /var/lib/mongod with proper permissions, which was not there. The solution is simple:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/mongod
sudo chown -R mongod /var/lib/mongod

However how did I find out about the problem(s) in the first place. Again the solution is very simple. I looked in the log file:

vi /var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log

Always start with the log file.
Finally you can verify that your system is running properly with:

sudo service mongod status

After fixing it gave:

mongod (pid 26194) is running...

Now that’s solved, let’s get back to mongodb coding..

Top Six Features of mobile CRM that You absolutely need to maximize ROI for your Business

“Mobile CRM” – it’s a fairly new term. However, this tool is increasingly getting important to marketers, developers and product managers. With the ability to access Mobile CRM, sales teams improve productivity by 15 percent and gain much needed mobility. Mobile CRM solutions help field workers maintain access to enterprise data, no matter where they are. CRM mobile apps sometimes miss features required in the desktop version, which makes them unsuitable for the traveling salespeople who use CRM on the go. Since, more and more people are bringing Bring-your-own-device at work, more companies are looking for CRM solution , designed for mobile environment. This article highlights the Six key features of mobile CRM.
Business Level security: Today, one of the most major components for CRM initiative is mobility. There are so many security aspect involved like app design and architecture, the device, network factors, the system in place for mobile app management, the user’s habits and practices. The Mobile CRM should address all of the above areas. There are plenty of security concerns for remote access, considering the fact that the sales team may be using personal mobile devices for access. For instance, one key thing can damage your total sales process in case of a data breach in the middle of the sales pipeline. You want the best security measures for your CRM app irrespective of the fact that you run a small or big company.
Integrating Analytics with the app: This is very crucial for a company to utilize real-time analytics and right metrics for earning a better result. Your marketing campaigns is going to like the power of insights drawn from analysis of real user behavior and profile data. Relaso sales CRM is a Cloud based on demand mobile app that integrates a fully featured, seamlessly integrated, advanced analytics, powered by Relaso Reports. You can choose a total of 56 reports from 11 categories like Time Spent, Invoice, Payment, Revenue and Expense reports etc. You can also search a report category by name using the Search icon. Additionally, you have ability to view different infographics in real time on the web like Deal Vs, Pipeline Stage and Status, Realized revenue vs Projected revenue and Profit etc.
Data Synchronization: At some place, it is difficult to establish wireless connections. But Sales Reps may need to access and review a specific data set or make changes or updates information based on their recent activities. Relaso Mobile CRM app allows users to work offline, then automatically synchronizes data bi-directionally once a connection is established. With a mobile CRM application, remote workers should be able to access vital corporate information, anytime, anywhere, directly from their handheld devices, ultimately, making them more productive and efficient business processes.
Lead Generation and Follow up: If sales lead is rightly tracked and nurtured, that can provide a revenue generating opportunity. However, you have to have the right process and tools in place so that these are successful result of sales planning. For this reason, any company considers lead management as one of the core activities for their sales and marketing process. Lead Generation is associated with Lead Capturing, Lead Qualification and conversion of Lead to potential customer. An online sales CRM like Relaso Sales-CRM is built for small teams that helps you capture, track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface. You can also import your existing Contacts and Leads in bulk from your Spreadsheet, Facebook, Linkedin etc. At the end, your team is ready to hit the road.
Email Campaign: Email campaigns are the core area for customer nurturing and sales generation. A good Mobile CRM software system will allow your business to not only create directed and targeted email campaigns, but also track responses and organize the data. All email interactions are kept on the CRM database, so any necessary updates for information can be readily made for every prospect and customer. The integrated emarketing system of your CRM will tell you who is looking at what, and why they are or are not clicking through on your email campaigns. You should go for a CRM that lets you create the right kind of report for the particular purpose of your specific sales measurement needs.
Integration of Social CRM: Gartner predicts the social media revenue to increase by over 34 billion in 2016. Social CRM makes it possible for a business to collaborate effectively with others, outside the line of formal authority, to achieve organizational goals and to resolve issues. With Social CRM, you can follow people, post status updates, respond, share; manage groups or even post files/links. CRM applications that have social features make your business much easier to engage in conversations with your customer and/or target audience outside of the regular communications from a website or email conversation.