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DropBox client on Raspberry Pi

DropBox installer client can be installed from source on Raspberry Pi.

The client expects GUI with nautilus installed which is not available by default on Pi. The installation however succeeds.

You will need to install libnautilus-extension-dev and python-docutils:

apt-get install libnautilus-extension-dev and python-docutils

Then install using:

./configure;make;sudo make install

However the whole process is in vain as it cannot install the daemon (server) dropbox with:

dropbox start -i

In the end you get the dreaded:

Error: Platform not supported

Would you like a solution – would you like to use Dropbox on Raspberry Pi?

Drop me a comment below and I may be able to help.


  1. Dave

    Hi, I’ve just finished installing Ubunto on my first raspberry pi 3, and I’ve thought about installing dropbox to move files between my computer and the pi easily, so I can develop on my PC in a comfortable IDE and then run the code on the pi.
    If you have a neat solution to the platform not supported issue that would be sweet.

    • angsuman

      Sure, I will get back to you on your email, if that is ok by you.

  2. Chris

    I would like a solution to this please!

  3. Ignaty

    A solution would be very welcome!

  4. Abhishek

    Why not mention the solution here?

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